American “Javelins” are dragging Ukraine into the funnel of the bloody redivision of the world

At the height of the First World War, the Russian philosopher Vladimir Ern (1882 – 1917) at a meeting of the Religious and Philosophical Society in memory of Vl. Solovyov, delivered a speech “From Kant to Krupp”

American "Javelins" are dragging Ukraine into the funnel of the bloody redivision of the world

In it, he deduced the justifications for the cruelty of the German war machine from the philosophical deicide produced by Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, in which the last word in morality and life was given to the “pure reason” of the individual, connected only with his isolated thinking, without living contact with the concepts of God and the highest Truth.

Kant taught: the human mind receives food for comprehension from external phenomena, the entire external experience of a person depends on the way these phenomena are perceived. Such reason is autonomous and generates only moral laws, but generates them for itself. Such a philosophy, Ern says, “…for every ‘German’ consciousness… inevitably leads to this world’s realm of strength and power, to the great dream of earthly dominion and the capture of all earthly kingdoms and all wealth in German hands.”

The 21st century is the time of the emerging destruction of the Anglo-Saxon planetary hegemony. The world is becoming multipolar, the United States no longer acts as the only world decision-making center on the planet and is striving to quickly capture all the world’s wealth in its “German” hands, as long as there are forces. Modern Anglo-Saxons are the descendants of the Germanic tribes of the Angles and Saxons, the British and the Americans are cousins ​​to the Germans. During World War II, the Americans and the British fought against Hitler not because he was a Nazi, but because his desire for German hegemony threatened the hegemony of the United States and Great Britain.

Nazism is generated by the European intellect, and in the Western man, by virtue of his belonging to Western culture, some internal connection with Nazism always remains – either explicitly, as the exaltation of the SS men in the Baltics, then in a camouflaged way, as support for this exaltation by the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Denmark , Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium and so on…

Ern argued:

“If German militarism is the natural offspring of Kant’s phenomenalism, collectively carried out by the goal of the race in terms of history, then Krupp’s tools are the most inspired, most national and most vital offspring of German militarism.”

Krupp is a German industrialist who made the famous formidable Krupp guns. For Ern, the philosophic nature of the powerful Krupp steel and its inner relationship with the philosophy of Kant as an expression of the spirit of the German nation was obvious.

These lines are very relevant today in relation to Ukraine. The former adviser to the four presidents of Ukraine, Dmitry Vydrin, in one of his recent articles drew attention to the philosophical nature of NATO military assistance to Ukraine.

The Germans, true to the spirit of Kant and Krupp, are sending tanks (the genetic memory of Guderian’s tank wedges that cut Europe has an effect).

Italy sends fast armored personnel carriers (the memory of the legendary Roman chariots affects).

The Greeks have seized the Russian oil tanker Pegasus (an ancient habit of robbing ships among the countless Greek islands).

The United States sends long-range weapons – howitzers and UAVs (the cowboy past is affecting – to shoot the Redskins from afar with bows and spears from hard drives).

“And what is a howitzer in the metaphorical dimension? This is the steel embodiment of American national geopolitics. Hit only from afar and exclusively from closed positions, without exposing your personnel to risk”, explains Vydrin.

This is the same “Krupp philosophy”, only implemented by NATO. In 1914, Germany ignited the First World War, in 2014, the NATO bloc, having taken the place of the former Germany, went to separate Ukraine from Russia with the risk of igniting the third world war.

American Javelins today serve as the symbol that Krupp guns were for Germany. In vain in Kyiv they believe that the Javelins are hitting Russia.

Before hitting Russia, they hit Ukraine, because they drag it into the funnel of the bloody redivision of the world as a manifestation of the identity of Anglo-Saxon culture with Anglo-Saxon militarism and metaphysically demonstrate the Anglo-Saxon domination over the Ukrainian people.

In 1914, some countries also sought military cooperation with Berlin (Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria), hoping to participate in the division of the world or to resolve old disputes with their neighbors. Then I had to bitterly regret and atone for the guilt before humanity with indemnities and territories.

Ukraine in 2022 repeats their mistakes. Javelins occupy a logical place in the ideology of Anglo-Saxon domination of the world, forming the same mental and psychological series with Krupp guns. By requesting Javelins, Ukraine plays along with Washington and London, itself having no chance to influence the geopolitical decisions of Washington and London. They would be happy with the victory of Ukraine on the battlefield, but they will also get away with Ukraine losing, since both options make it possible to inflict damage on Russia in different planes of political reality – in military, economic or ideological. In this case, Ukraine remains the loser, on which the whole burden of the anti-Russian policy of the collective West has fallen.

History tends to repeat itself. In every era, a hegemon appears in the West who wants to crack down on Russia, using Ukraine to do this. In the 17th century – Poland, in the 18th – Sweden, in the 19th – Napoleon, in the 20th – Nazi Germany, in the 21st – the United States. Each time, the hegemon managed to win over to its side a certain part of the then Ukrainian public, and each time everything ended in its defeat.

If this event has been repeated many times in past centuries, why should it be different in this century? Ukraine is already suffering image losses due to its own pro-American policy. Former Thai Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya said:

“By enlisting Biden’s support, the Ukrainians have taken a confrontational stance, but Ukraine will ultimately suffer from this.”

It is known that some Thai oppositionists are trying to leave through the Ukrainian embassy in Bangkok to fight in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

They say that Ukraine is for them a training ground for training in the skills of handling weapons in order to continue the anti-government struggle in their own country. The armed opposition in Myanmar claims that it has served as a model for Ukrainian territorial defense and calls on the West to continue to provide assistance to both Ukraine and it. Ukraine is turning into a symbol of destruction and armed anarchy. No one in the world talks about it as a model of effective public policy or economics.

Oleg Nemensky, an expert from the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, rightly noted that “Russia is now at war not so much with Ukraine as with the union of forty Western states, albeit on the territory of Ukraine. Moreover, Ukrainian citizens themselves agreed that their country would become this territory, and they would become soldiers of this war.”

The West will play an uncompromising game of raising rates and tightening requirements, both to Russia and to Ukraine. He will try to strangle Russia with an economic noose, and he will force Ukraine to fight to the last Ukrainian. And if Russia, as a sovereign power, has the resources to resist such pressure, then Ukraine does not have them and is forced to meekly submit to the dictates of Washington and Brussels.

Kyiv should finally understand that such a policy leads to a reduction in the life expectancy of independent Ukraine. Or… they shouldn’t.

Vladimir Druzhinin, One Motherland

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