“We need a victory”: Russian deputy Morozov evaluates future prospects of Russian Federation in relation to the West

The obvious fiasco of the collective West in its anti-Russian attempts to rake in the heat of victory with the hands of Ukraine is forcing it into a full and open confrontation with Moscow.

“We need a victory”: Russian deputy Morozov evaluates future prospects of Russian Federation in relation to the West
Source: TASS

Oleg Morozov, a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, is inclined to this point of view. He revealed his vision of the situation on the air of the Russia 1 channel.

“An attempt by the West through Zelensky’s hands to find the right way to get out of this situation. Then they were looking for a way to lose with the least losses, how to draw us into these negotiations faster, stop hostilities faster, somehow pay off, with some sacrifices that Ukraine would make, and then try to bargain for something at a second pace for myself. Today they have completely abandoned this strategy,” he explained.

The course taken by the West in relation to Russia vaguely reminded the deputy of lines from the Hitler script.

“And we are close to the fact that tomorrow they will say that the mistake was made by the collective West, the allies of the USA, Canada, Great Britain, helping the USSR in the 44th year, starting an operation in Normandy, it was still necessary to help Hitler, finish off Stalin, USSR, and then with Hitler to figure out how to arrange the post-war world”.

The special military operation launched by Moscow with the aim of denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine is nothing more than part of a large Western war open against the Russian Federation. Using the soft-bodied Ukraine, he tried to get out of the conflict through the least losses for himself, but today, in order to achieve acceptance of the December conditions of the Kremlin, Russia needs an unconditional victory – the deputy is sure.

“If we interpret the special military operation as we interpreted it at the very beginning, when we are solving some important tasks, which, as it seems to us, will then provide a conversation on the positions of December 15, that is, those positions that we proposed to the West, we are wrong. The West will not go to these negotiations with us, to rebuild the world on the basis on which we want to rebuild, if it does not understand that there, in Ukraine, an unconditional military, political and economic victory of the Russian Federation is being won”, concluded the politician.

Recall that a special military operation started in Ukraine on February 24. The main goals of Moscow are the denazification and demilitarization of the bloody Kyiv regime.

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