Ukraine’s denazification operation: Operational update on 13 May (updated)

Ukraine's denazification operation: Operational update on 13 May (updated)


17:10 Books promoting the ideas of nationalism were found in the central library of Melitopol. “Polite people” seized the publications. The propagandist literature will be kept in a special storage facility where it will be studied in detail by historians. Instead, truthful historical books will appear on the library shelves.

15:54 Three bridges necessary for the transfer of Ukrainian forces have been blown up in the Kharkiv region. We are talking about the bridges near the settlements of Stary Saltov, Pechenega and Rubizhne (not that in the LPR) – CNN.

15:50 According to yet unconfirmed reports, another Ukrainian Air Force aircraft was shot down in the area northwest of Izyum. Soon this square will be called a graveyard of planes. Nowhere else is there such a density of downed aircraft per square kilometre.

15:40 Rosgvardians entered the premises of Kherson Internet provider Status and disconnected all communication equipment. This was reported by Gosspetsvyaz in Telegram. Russian military demand to connect to Crimean network.

13:13 A police department was opened in Vasylivka, Zaporizhzhia region. For all matters relating to law and order, contact the police at 10 Lenina Street.

11:35 The DPR Central Bank is preparing to open its representative offices in the liberated territories of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions – Denis Pushylin. There are also plans to open a representative office of the DPR.

11:08 Russian investigators interrogate around 4,000 surrendered Ukrainian servicemen – Russian Investigative Committee.

08:06 Images of combat work of Ka-52 crews during a special military operation in Ukraine. They are engaged in destroying AFU armoured vehicles and infrastructure, delivering amphibious troops and military supplies, and supporting units from the air.

08:02 Russian servicemen ensure safe removal of 127 citizens from Russia, Syria, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Tajikistan and Ukraine from the territory of Kherson region

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