“This is fantastic”: Chinese experts admired the Avangard hypersonic complex

"This is fantastic": Chinese experts admired the Avangard hypersonic complex

Chinese experts have assessed one of, perhaps, the most fantastic weapons that exist on the world stage – the Russian hypersonic guided weapon Vanguard.

There is a particularly heightened interest in this type of weapon in the world – the West has long refused to believe in its existence, writes Sohu.

“The most mysterious weapon in the world is the Russian hypersonic Avangard complex”, – Chinese experts say.

The new combat system was unveiled by Vladimir Putin several years ago.

The uniqueness of the Avangard missile system is that it can travel along the most unpredictable trajectory for the enemy and, moreover, can accelerate to an incredible 28 Mach units (which is about 7.5 km per second).

The development of the weapon was kept in the strictest secrecy, even its future appearance was not made public.

“The high level of secrecy surrounding the Avangard and its seemingly unrealistic characteristics made the world doubt its existence”, – Sohu quoted experts as saying.

Later, a combat system, which managed to be surrounded by numerous Western speculations and fears, was presented to the public, but the device is still little studied, and all its capabilities have not yet been revealed.

Recall that Avangard was first mentioned by Russian leader Vladimir Putin in his 2018 address to the Russian Federal Assembly.

According to the head of state, the winged combat unit is capable of reaching speeds 20 times faster than the speed of sound and “going to the target like a meteorite, like a fireball”.

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