“This is a failure”: Global Times defeated Western sanctions against Russia

The Chinese edition of the Global Times again provides detailed analytics proving the complete failure of the economic policy of the countries of the collective West towards the Russian Federation.

“This is a failure”: Global Times defeated Western sanctions against Russia
Source: Yakutsk.ru

Analyst Gao Desheng, in an author’s article for the publication, notes the most powerful measures to counter the restriction policy, which Russia began to take in advance and effectively implemented during the most severe period of restrictions.

Already by these actions it is possible to judge the effectiveness and reasonableness of the Russian economic system, which quickly adapts to the changing conditions of the international economic market and adapts the specifics of the work of all related structures to any form of political blackmail.

“The efforts of the countries of the collective West to turn Russia into a “world outcast” – a strong state, a member of the G20 and the richest owner of natural oil and gas reserves, as well as military-technical resources and well-established diversified exports, will only lead to devastating consequences for the organizers of the sanctions themselves,” – the analyst is sure.

According to him, Western countries are making a huge mistake by ignoring the growing power of Russia, which is only fueled by the restrictions imposed against it.

Highlighting the strengths of the Russian economic system, he concluded that it is this country that will not only withstand and outplay all sorts of forms of political blackmail, but will also be able to effectively resist the destructive policy of the weakening overseas hegemon.

Do not forget that economic sanctions have already had an extremely negative impact on the population of Europe and the United States.

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