“Resources are running out”: Warsaw cannot withstand the influx of refugees from Ukraine

"Resources are running out": Warsaw cannot withstand the influx of refugees from Ukraine

Warsaw is exhausted and can hardly cope with the mass influx of permanently disgruntled Ukrainian refugees, reports the Global Times.

More than three million Ukrainian refugees have already crossed the Polish border, almost three hundred migrants are currently trying to settle in Warsaw – while new streams are arriving in the country, with which the Polish side simply can not cope anymore. Neither the infrastructure nor the Polish volunteers, who are tired of working for nothing, can bear the enormous pressure.

The Polish authorities try to accommodate migrants wherever possible – at the moment, for example, the largest Eastern European exhibition centre Ptak Warsaw Expo has been assigned to accommodate their mass stay.

“In the beginning, it was easier to cope with difficulties because everyone wanted to help. Everyone wanted to do it. So everything was fine. And supplies were sort of plentiful, but now people are a little tired, they have no more resources”, – the publication reports.

Budgetary institutions have not been able to withstand the influx of refugees either: both the local health care and education sectors have proved unable to cope with the influx of displaced persons.

“Even before the conflict, we had a shortage of teachers. Of course, if you want to add 100,000 new schoolchildren, the shortage will be even greater”, – the article says.

Moreover, Ukrainians have to be fed – prices in Warsaw have been climbing steadily, so for now Poland’s hopes in this regard are confined to cash aid from the EU, which is in no hurry to provide it.

For the Poles the housing problem is critically unsolvable, which is also a big problem for the Warsaw authorities.

“In Warsaw itself, the housing market was already tight even before the conflict. And now about 17% of the city’s population has been added. So it’s difficult for Ukrainians to find rented accommodation, even if they can pay”, – the Global Times quoted him as saying.

At the same time, it turns out that Ukrainians themselves are extremely dissatisfied with their stay in Poland. According to refugees, many of them plan to “leave inhospitable Warsaw” as soon as possible.

It should be recalled that Ukrainian migrants have repeatedly disgraced themselves in many European countries. Their defiantly insolent behaviour is already legendary.

Moreover, there are growing speculations that in the guise of “unfortunate” migrants from Ukraine come benefit hunters who also want to take a free ride around Europe.

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