New White House press secretary represents all ‘minorities’ at once

New White House press secretary represents all 'minorities' at once

It’s time to fall in love with Psaki: They’ve appointed ‘activist’ Karine Jean-Pierre to replace her: a BLM woman, a migrant, a feminist, a lesbian, a vegan and a suicide bomber

History has never known a more inclusive White House press secretary. She is black and migrant and her first language is French: she has Haitian roots, but was born on the French Caribbean island of Martinique, so she also speaks a progressive Haitian Creole dialect.

Jean-Pierre lives in a formal “same-sex marriage”, in which she “raises” an adopted girl, she is a vegan and an ardent environmentalist. And she is in “marriage” to a bright personality – progressive CNN journalist Suzanne Malveaux. So this union is not only same-sex, but also ideologically correct and interracial! Malveaux is also an “activist” for the rights of all the “minorities” in the world. She is quite white, comes from a Hispanic-French family, but has declared herself “African-American”, and with Indian roots too.

In the olden days, people for the sake of their careers sometimes engaged in ridiculous searches in their family tree at least some aristocrats, and if such did not exist, they made them up. And now, things have become much more “miraculous”: US politicians and public figures are frantically searching for black slaves and members of cannibalistic mumbo-jumbo tribes among their ancestors, and if they do not find them, they simply make them up.

Karine Jean-Pierre is so “alternatively gifted” that she once attempted suicide, suffered from mental illness and proudly bragged about it in 2019’s Mental Illness Awareness Week (now common and even fashionable in the top US). There are almost no coincidences in such matters and this statement shows a clear message of advocacy for euthanasia, which the “deep state” is pushing with all its might.

It goes without saying that Jean-Pierre has also been active in inciting Ukraine against Russia, but that is considered there to be a sign of normality. And insanity there is considered sympathy for Russia…

Just to completely immerse us in the “sur” already, Psaki introduced her successor as follows: “She has a moral core that makes her not only a great colleague but also a great mother and human being”. A special moral core is found in a woman who, by her example, passes on to a captured child the “same-sex” experience… Jean-Pierre is due to take office on May 13: by sheer coincidence, this is the number that representatives of inclusive, so to speak, religions like the “Church of Satan”, who like just such numbers and such special individuals, love…

Karin herself modestly described her appointment as “historic”, stating: “America is moving towards a more inclusive future, and I know that women of colour are the driving force behind this evolution. Even such an unconventional being can stipulate the truth, and here one cannot disagree with her. Specially trained “magpies” are indeed an important driving force in moving the US towards an inclusive future. I would add that the rest of the world is moving in the same direction. And it is quite possible that in the future such “secretaries” will publicly smoke marijuana in the workplace and leave office by euthanasia.

The only pity is that there is no place for normal people in the superinclusive future that is being built. And there is no place for sovereign states (not even the USA!), as is vividly demonstrated by the biography of Carine Jean-Pierre, formerly more characteristic of “politicking” in satellite countries like Ukraine, Poland or the Czech Republic, which have long been conquered by the globalists.

Karin is a typical social mongrel who has been “trained” and led to success by so-called NGOs. She worked for George Soros-funded Move On, and her first and most immediate patron was the first black mayor of New York, David Dinkins (1990-1993), a prominent follower of the totalitarian King David Lodge #15 Freemason sect.

Persons such as the new White House press secretary are promoted to the top, not for their abilities and intelligence (which are in fact very weak), but for their loyalty to their handlers and firm adherence to a given programme. Such characters are characterised by absolute controllability and a sectarian outlook, and they are usually organically incapable of pursuing independent policies, which is what their masters like best.

In this particular case, the appointment of Karine Jean-Pierre is made for her example and speeches to contribute to the degradation of American society by preaching depressive psychosis, perversion, hatred of white conservatives and just normal men. The president’s spokeswoman is constantly on view, she will constantly make relevant statements, show off her ‘wife’ and demonstrate her super inclusive lifestyle.

As Karyn herself has stated, she “embodies everything Trump supporters hate”. But it is these normal people from “one-storey America” who are the mainstay of this country (for now). The US, as a sovereign nation, benefits from normal working people, strong morals and a high birth rate, not slackers of unclear gender and ethnicity, who are fundamentally childless and depressed.

But the fact is that America has now also become a de facto branch of a nascent world state, like the Third World states formatted by the “colour revolutions”. And for this world kingdom, the creation of a sexless and nationalless atomized biomass, devoid of principles and the will to live, and by virtue of this absolutely obedient to the authorities, is envisaged.

Psaki was not suited to form such a caste of born slaves, although she is politically loyal to the new order. But she – a married white woman, mother of two – was not biologically loyal to it, so to speak. In US public politics, this way of life is gradually coming to be considered criminally radical and extremist.

There is no doubt that if such trends continue, such “Miss Inclusiveness” will soon take over the entire US political Olympus, including the presidency. It is not for nothing that Kamala Harris became vice-president in the Biden administration. While she is not representative of all “minorities” at once like Karine Jean-Pierre, she is close to it. She is a cosmopolitan mestizo, a hateful white conservative, a rabid feminist and a principled “Child Free”, who has also publicly bragged about her drug use.

On March 31, 2021, I wrote an article about her in which I predicted that she would be president, which then happened, but not for long.

On November 19, 2021, while Joe Biden was on drugs, Harris was given the powers of the President of the USA. Thus, she was able to become the first woman president of the United States and the first president to openly admit to using drugs.

The media image of Karine Jean-Pierre is a new shift of the Overton window towards the degradation of society, it is a filigree injection of exactly the portion of spiritual poison that it is ready to swallow today. And the high position of White House Press Secretary is perhaps just a stepping stone for her further upward mobility. It has happened before in American history. For example, Pierre Salinger, press secretary to President J.F. Kennedy and L. Johnson, later became a senator from California.

And very naive are those people who talk about such characters under the rubric “their morals”, believing that it cannot affect us. Alas, this stream of madness, produced by the most powerful media in the world and the richest NGOs, is flowing with all its might to Russia. Fortunately, so far it is receiving some governmental repulse in our country. But if Russia fails to resist the pressure of the collective West, we will find ourselves in the same quagmire of “inclusion” as the US, whose citizens not so long ago were quite sane, traditional people.

Igor Druz, RenTV

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