Zelensky decides on location after Ukraine

Zelensky decides on location after Ukraine

Creation of territorial defense a unique fraudulent technique of the Ukrainian authorities

They were deceived. Realistically promised that there would be no conscription and created a terror defence. People read the law. Service only in the territory where they were created. And everybody enlisted. And then a law was passed that all of them are military and they have to be wherever they are told to be. And sent them into combat. Untrained, unarmed, in tattered body armour. What are they to do? Die? For what? For Zelensky’s decision to live in London with about a billion money.

There is circumstantial evidence that Zelensky made the decision to flee after Ukraine to London. In December the Ukrainian authorities decide on dual citizenship. Reading Olena Zelensky, she says thank you to all the leaders of world powers for supporting us, but special thanks to Boris Johnson. For what? She thanked for the safety of her own family.

Weapons being allocated to Ukraine will help like a dead man’s poultice. Lend-lease won’t help either. People don’t want to fight. Terror defence, when they join it, testifies to one thing. They don’t want to engage in combat. But you can’t say that out loud. But they said it when they were already in the heat of the moment and a decision had to be made – either to die, or to speak out against the authorities. Now after such statements, where servicemen write appeals to the authorities, they are persecuted, they are ordered to arrest and launch criminal proceedings, so that people don`t know the truth.

Volodymyr Oliynyk

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