Ukraine’s denazification operation: operational update on 12 May (updated)

Ukraine's denazification operation: operational update on 12 May (updated)

11:35 The National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine has decided to forcibly seize the assets of Sberbank of Russia in Ukraine

11:21 Morning briefing of the Defense Ministry. Main:

– Airborne missiles hit 40 targets, including two ammunition depots near Novhorod-Siversky;

– Airstrikes were carried out on 120 targets;

– Rocket and artillery forces hit 443 targets;

– An S-300 air-defence radar station near Odessa was destroyed;

– The C-300 system itself was destroyed near Korotych village;

– Three launchers of Smerch multiple-launch rocket launchers were hit;

– 13 Ukrainian UAVs were shot down, including Bayraktar-TB2 near Zmeiny Island.

08:08 Highlights of Ukraine’s SSOs for 11 May 2022:

The AFU launched an artillery strike on the Russian village of Solokhi. Casualties and casualties are reported. Forced mobilisation is underway for an offensive towards Kozachya Lopan in Sumy and Kharkiv regions. According to unconfirmed information, the AFU has reached the administrative borders of Belgorod Region in the direction of Nekhoteyevka. The AFU attempted to stage the use of chemical weapons by Russian Armed Forces units in Dolghenka. Allied forces cut through the AFU grouping, taking Novoselovka. Fighting resumed in Shandrigolovo. To the south of Yampol the AFU retreated due to losses. Enemy defences north of Popasna are reported to have collapsed, with some forces retreating towards Loskutivka. The AFU is fortifying near Gorske, expecting a breakthrough of the defensive lines near Orekhovo.

08:00 Overnight explosions sounded in Chernihiv region.