Military update of the LDPR. Situation on the line of contact on May 12 (updated)

Military update of the LDPR. Situation on the line of contact on May 12 (updated)

15:47 Denis Pushilin said that all destroyed settlements of the DPR will be restored.

15:41 It is written about the beginning of clashes in the city limits of Severodonetsk, also about a hard artillery strike on Peski.

15:10 A woman and a man wounded as a result of the shelling of AFU Yasinovataya.

15:09 As a result of the hostilities in the territory of Kuybyshevskiy district, damage to residential houses in the private sector was recorded:

– 6 Stepnaya Street: direct hit to a house;
– 48, Stepnaya str.: a gas pipe was damaged
– 14, Rumanskaya str.: outbuildings were damaged.

15:07 Moscow Region takes patronage over two DPR districts – Novoazovskoye and Telmanovskoye – Moscow Region Governor Andrei Vorobyov said. These districts will be helped to restore roads and put the infrastructure in order.

15:00 AFU shelling Kuybyshevskyi district of Donetsk, gas pipeline disrupted. As a result of the shelling, households on Stepnaya Street were damaged and a gas pipeline was broken. Details are being clarified.

14:54 AFU shelling Yasinovataya, 2 people wounded. 2 people injured as a result of shelling on Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya Street.

14:41 The first five days of water in Mariupol can be used only for technical needs – Ministry of Construction.

At the moment, various technological processes are carried out in the system and it is undesirable to consume the water in food.

14:40 The operational line of the JCCC of the DPR received information about damage caused by shelling of the following settlements by the AFU:

Gorlovka township:

– 60, 62 Ruduchanskaya Street, 62- private residential buildings;
– Valikan St., 5, 7 – multi-apartment houses;
– Shashurina str., 7, 17 – apartment houses;
– 30 Vlasenko str. – private dwelling house; Vlasenko str;
– Vlasenko street, Sputnik Automobile Cooperative – damaged garages ##8-11, 111-112, 220-221, 222, 246.

г. Donetsk (settlement “Administrative”):

– 6 Stepnaya str. – direct hit to a private dwelling house;
– 48 Stepnaya str. – private residential building.

14:07 Shelling was recorded from the direction of the AFU:

Novoluganskoye settlement – Golmivsky settlement: 6 mines of 120 mm calibre were fired;
Vodyanoye – Donetsk (Kuybyshevskyi district): 3 shells of 122 mm calibre fired.

13:55 The Soledar-Lysychansk highway is under fire from the Russian Armed Forces. Fighting for Belogorovka continues.

13:52 There is no threat of collapse of the TV tower hit by the AFU in Petrovsky district – the Ministry of Communications of the DPR.

13:50 There was recorded shelling from the direction of Kudryumovka to Golmivsky: 8 shells of 122 mm caliber were fired.

12:24 Water from the Starokrymskoye reservoir will be released towards Mariupol on 12-13 May. Given the destroyed infrastructure, it will not be possible to provide water to the entire city at once, but communications will be re-laid and it will be possible to cope with the water shortage – DPR head Denis Pushilin.

11:46 The Avdiivka cauldron has slammed shut. Now an entire group will be boiled out. It is only in their power to decide whether to stay alive or surrender.

11:31 The shelling of the AFU resulted in 40 transformer substations being de-energized, with 3,091 household subscribers in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk and Yasinovatsky district of the Republic without power supply – Ministry of Coal and Energy of the DPR.

11:22 An assault on Severodonetsk has begun: the first allied units entered the town from the side of Rubizhne, occupying 12 houses.

11:17 Shelling was recorded from the direction of the AFU:

n.p. Peski – Donetsk (Kirovsky district): 10 mines of 120 mm calibre were fired;
Novhorodske settlement – Ozeryanivka settlement: 8 shells of 122 mm calibre were fired.

09:15 Over the past day, 372 people, including 42 children, were evacuated from Mariupol to Bezymnoye, Novoazovsk district.

09:13 Putin, in a congratulatory message to the LPR head, expressed confidence that through joint efforts, it will be possible to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the republic.

09:00 Shelling from the direction of Novomikhailovka – Donetsk (Petrovsky district) was recorded: 4 shells of 122mm calibre were fired.

08:34 The morning begins as usual with air defence work. The nationalists do not leave attempts to strike deep into the Republic. The task is one and the same: mass casualties among the civilian population.

08:10 The Ukrainian Armed Forces recorded shelling from the direction: Avdiivka – Yasynuvata: 5 shells of 122 mm calibre were fired.

07:42 There was shelling from the direction of Avdiivka to Yasinovataya:

Avdiivka – Yasinovataya: 5 rockets from BM-21 Grad were fired.

Novhorodske – Panteleymonovka: 6 shells of 122 mm calibre were fired.

Novhorodske – Mikhailovka: 8 shells of 122 mm calibre were fired.

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