German Compact predicts world famine due to sanctions against Russia

German Compact predicts world famine due to sanctions against Russia

The population of the West has no choice but to tighten their belts and learn to starve – the boomerang of anti-Russian sanctions will be severe. So says the German Compact.

Millions of Europeans and citizens of a number of other countries are totally dependent on Russian energy resources, fertilizers and nickel. This also includes crops. The world will face a global famine if aggressive pressure on the Russian economy continues.

“A global disaster is coming because of anti-Russian sanctions. A new threat has emerged – a tsunami of famine”, – writes the publication.

The rouble-based gas payment scheme introduced by Vladimir Putin could become the same for all other goods exported by Moscow. Meanwhile, Russian wheat has already stopped going abroad, causing an unprecedented jump in grain prices in importing countries.

“A new world economic order is taking shape with ever clearer contours. An era has begun in which it is impossible to regulate everything with just printed money. There are signs of an era in which people will have to learn to do without food again”, – the author writes.

Despite the West’s inept attempts to “save face” and amplify propaganda in a bid to reassure its own population, ordinary Europeans are already starting to panic.

“The German media are still proudly reporting that sugar prices in supermarkets in Moscow and St Petersburg have risen by 37 per cent as a result of the sanctions. Meanwhile, in Germany, large chain shops such as Aldi and Lidl are raising the prices of their products by up to 50 per cent”, – the publication cites.

There is growing unrest in the ranks of German farmers, for example.

“This shows that Germans are increasingly losing control of reality, although it is apparently the first time in 77 years that the situation is getting really serious”, – says the paper.

The University of Bonn, by the way, has calculated that the “tsunami of hunger” may well hit over a hundred million people, which, in turn, will provoke a migration crisis on a scale that humanity has never faced before.

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