“A resounding slap in the face”: China’s Sohu assesses Moscow’s retaliatory gesture to Japan

"A resounding slap in the face": China's Sohu assesses Moscow's retaliatory gesture to Japan

China’s Sohu observers could not hide their admiration for the Kremlin’s decent reply to Japan’s provocative policy – the Russian Federation slapped Tokyo with a “resounding slap in the face”, as they put it.

Thus, according to the paper, the hearty Land of the Rising Sun has become increasingly assertive in its demonstrative support for the West’s destructive anti-Russian policies and punitive restrictions aimed at undermining Russia’s economy.

In addition, Japan, observers wrote, has rushed headlong into the search for allies in Central Asia, which undoubtedly could not hide from the Kremlin’s watchful eye.

“The Russian Foreign Ministry announced that 63 Japanese nationals, including Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi, have been banned from entering Russia. This time Russia has indeed slapped Japan in the face. Tokyo deserved it; it brought trouble on itself,” the authors marvelled.

Negotiations on the Southern Kurils are now “off the table” for Japan, which, according to publicists, was an unexpectedly large blow to Tokyo.

“Russia’s actions are very offensive to the Japanese side, but who asked Tokyo to go again and again to provoke and increase pressure on Moscow? The current situation is a result of Japan’s hostile actions,” the author writes.

Recall that the Japanese economy ministry said it was impossible to immediately refuse to supply Russian oil – for this reason, Tokyo has responded by saying that it is not ready right now to join this kind of restrictions, insistently imposed by the European Union, floridly stating that he was going to act “as the case may be”.

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