Lithuanian government is approaching Hitler – expert Mezhevich

The Lithuanian government, recognizing Russia as a “terrorist state”, naturally endangers itself, says Nikolai Mezhevich, chairman of the Russian Association for Baltic Studies, quoted by RuBaltic.Ru.

Lithuanian government is approaching Hitler - expert Mezhevich
Source: Word and Deed

According to Mezhevich, Lithuania is digging a hole for itself, further aggravating the already dangerous economic crisis that has been developing at a rapid pace over the past few years.

The decision to impose an embargo on the import of Russian energy resources also leads to disruption of oil supplies as the most important energy resource.

Also, according to his forecasts, there will be complex failures in the logistics supply chain, transport infrastructure, violations of diplomatic relations not only with Russia, but also with Belarus.

“There will be no passenger or cargo transportation, the Klaipeda port will stop working. A 15% reduction in work is just the beginning, the absence of new contracts will completely stop the operation of these systems and lead to a complete economic collapse”, Mezhevich predicts.

Mezhevich also declares the complete indifference of the Lithuanian authorities towards their own people.

“I predict the native collapse of the Lithuanian economy – the country’s authorities are trying their best to achieve this. For the Russian authorities, it is expedient to introduce special economic rights that would control trade relations with Lithuania and would consider them as high treason. Here the situation is equal to the trade turnover with Nazi Germany. By the way, I do not at all regard the current leadership of Lithuania better than Hitler. In my opinion, they are identical”, summed up the expert.

Recall that the decision of the Lithuanian government has already been assessed by the Russian Foreign Ministry – they called it extremist and hypocritical.

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