“At least ruin”: expert Satanovsky ridiculed attempts of the US and the EU to harm Russia

The mess and complete lack of clarity in which the European community has driven itself into a trap in its indefatigable desire to punish Russia harder by giving up its energy resources vaguely reminded political science expert Yevgeny Satanovsky of a fragment of the famous Soviet film by the legendary Gaidai.

“At least ruin”: expert Satanovsky ridiculed attempts of the US and the EU to harm Russia
Source: Novostivl.ru

The political scientist compared the fruitless attempts of the collective West to find an alternative to Russian blue fuel with the notorious toast from the famous “Prisoner of the Caucasus”.

“I want to buy a cow, but there is no way. I can buy a goat, but there is no desire. So let’s drink to ensure that our desires coincide with our capabilities!” the episode says.

The anti-Russian European company, according to the expert, gathered under the wing of the American hegemon, nervously rushes from side to side, changing plans and inventing new scenarios on the go.

“The West does not want to see Russia on the world map. If there is Russia, then it should not have Putin. Putin cannot be removed, then at least Russia needs to be ruined”, said the expert.

Ardent attempts to strike at Russia are obviously turning into more and more deplorable consequences for their authors, the political scientist notes.

“Shooting themselves in their own legs, doing it so deliberately – they were able to do it. They succeeded. So, what is next? Russia as it was, as it is. And China, by the way, also exists,” the expert concluded.

Recall that earlier the orientalist said that Ukraine had no chance of salvation, noting that the puppeteers had written it off long ago.

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