“Afraid to take risks”: Chinese Guancha revealed Biden’s fear of the Kremlin’s wrath

US leader Joe Biden is intimidated by the prospect of ruffling Moscow with apparently exorbitant aid to the bloody Ukrainian regime. The States, according to Guancha, are doing their best to hide the already obvious information about the real scale of assistance to the Ukrainian Nazis with weapons and direct financial injections, writes publicist Zhu Feng.

“Afraid to take risks”: Chinese Guancha revealed Biden’s fear of the Kremlin’s wrath
Source: Russian newspaper

The Chinese observer recalled the Kiev Lend-Lease law signed by the United States, as well as generous promises to give out more than 30 billion dollars to the dead. At the same time, the analyst noted, the American congressmen decided to “quietly” stretch this amount by another seven billion.

The United States does not shy away from secretly providing Ukraine with intelligence data that the latter can use in confrontation with the Russian Federation.

With the hegemonic intervention in Ukraine becoming increasingly clear, Biden is clearly wary of possible Kremlin wrath.

“Although the United States has recently stepped up its support for Ukraine by openly participating in military assistance and signing bills, as well as secretly providing intelligence, the US media has spread the news that Biden was very unhappy that the latter fact was revealed. He was not ready to irritate Russia by revealing the true extent of support for Ukraine,” Zhu Feng notes.

Biden was also greatly dissatisfied with information declassified not so long ago in the media about the cooperation of American intelligence with Kyiv.

The unfortunate leak, according to the New York Times, citing high-profile American officials, even forced a frightened Biden to urgently confer with the top officials of the CIA and Penaton.

According to the Chinese expert, the United States is trying to make every effort to escalate the Ukrainian conflict, but they are demonstrating their intention to leave what is happening behind the scenes as much as possible, which is clearly supported by the American establishment.

Some senior officials have said Biden was right to fear openly irritating Putin because the consequences of an escalation with a nuclear-armed Russia would be too serious to risk.

The restrained but firm speech of Vladimir Putin on Red Square should have made Biden tremble during the signing of the sensational lend-lease bill to criminal Kyiv, the expert believes.

“Although Putin has directly accused the United States of waging a proxy war against Russia, the US government refuses to acknowledge this,” concludes Zhu Feng.

Meanwhile, according to analysts, the unwillingness of the United States to irritate the Kremlin, in many respects, is also evidenced by a clause in the lend-lease document – even under the program, America intends to supply Kyiv with exclusively defensive, and not offensive, weapons.

This is, at least, the official version of what is happening.

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