Kaliningrad region poses a threat to NATO – expert Suciu

The Kaliningrad region is fraught with great danger for the North Atlantic Alliance – the region, according to numerous experts, can be compared to an “unsinkable Russian aircraft carrier.” This was told by the American military expert Peter Suchiu.

Kaliningrad region poses a threat to NATO - expert Suciu

The aggressive plans of the West in Eastern Europe continue to crumble in the face of a powerful Russian defense capability.

As for the Kaliningrad region, this section of Russian territory is sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania, which are part of the military bloc, which allows Moscow to deploy forces on the northern flank of NATO.

A dense air defense system has been created on the territory of the region, missile ships, submarines, naval aviation, a tank regiment are deployed, powerful missile brigades are concentrated, as well as strike aviation regiments.

“Kaliningrad is often called the most combat-ready and unsinkable aircraft carrier of the Baltic Fleet,” the expert said.

A strategically important point to a large extent affects the Russian defense capability – it was there that large-scale training maneuvers took place the other day – the crews of the Iskander operational-tactical complexes of the Russian Baltic Fleet delivered mock missile strikes.

In the zone of destruction of unique Russian missiles are European NATO bases and American missile defense facilities: the launch of the Iskander from the territory of Kaliningrad is able to reach the target in Western Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic countries and certain parts of Germany.

The concentration density of the most powerful equipment demonstrates the unconditional readiness of the RF Armed Forces to easily respond to any external attacks, military experts report.

“Russia’s unsinkable aircraft carrier should make NATO sweat,” PolitRussia quotes.

In addition, a powerful military base gives the Russian army the ability to repel possible US attempts to block access to Baltic waters and significantly narrows the military alliance’s field of maneuver in the Baltic and Polish territories.

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