“Just one call”: American expert Episkopos admires Putin’s diplomacy

A phone call from Russian leader Vladimir Putin immediately averted serious diplomatic misunderstandings between Moscow and Israel, American expert Mark Episkopos wrote about this. He expressed his point of view on the spread of the National Interest.

“Just one call”: American expert Episkopos admires Putin’s diplomacy

Recall that the Israeli side was offended by the statement of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov about the Jewish roots of Fuhrer Hitler.

“The Russian ambassador was summoned in protest, and Israeli newspapers and large Jewish organizations criticized,” PolitRussia writes.

Israel always reacts sharply to questions concerning its own national identity. A possible diplomatic nuance could turn into an escalation of the already tense geopolitical situation in the world, the expert writes.

The Russian leader was able to untie the tangle of emerging contradictions with just one call – the author of the material does not hide his admiration.

“In the end, pragmatism prevailed, Moscow chose to relent and not continue to escalate the quarrel. Putin called his Israeli counterpart on Thursday to offer what Bennett’s office described as an apology.

The Russian leader also explained to Israel Moscow’s position regarding the Holocaust and the Jewish people as a whole, which, according to the expert, immediately smoothed over the omissions and demonstrated the strength of Russian-Israeli relations.

“Russia prevented what could develop into a full-fledged diplomatic crisis with Israel,” the analyst believes.

Recall that the other day Vladimir Putin congratulated Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and all his people on Independence Day by phone.

The participants in the dialogue exchanged views on the Ukrainian issue and expressed their mutual interest in the further development of friendly Russian-Israeli relations, as well as in maintaining useful contacts between the two countries.

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