“The main war criminal”: Chinese Sina Weibo users accused the US of hypocrisy

American diplomats are inciting hatred towards Russia, Chinese users of the Sina Weibo social network declared this indignantly in response to the post of the US embassy in China, where the Russian Federation was compared to Nazi Germany.

"The main war criminal": Chinese Sina Weibo users accused the US of hypocrisy
Source: IA “Red Spring”

The controversial publication in a short time managed to gain a lot of angry comments.

The US Embassy in China has been ridiculed by Chinese netizens after comparing Russia to Nazi Germany.

Users of the social network did not forget about the anniversary of the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia – this spring they honored the memory of the dead for the 23rd time, among which there are also Chinese citizens. Until now, the West refuses to admit the mistakes that led to the tragedy of an entire nation, commentators are sure.

Mindful of the blood debt that the United States and NATO owe to the Chinese people, netizens expressed their anger and sarcasm towards the United States in the comments.

Users’ arguments about the Yugoslav conflict came down to the unanimous conclusion that it is the hypocritical States that are the main instigators of international armed confrontations, and then, skillfully covering their own tracks, they traditionally accuse anyone but themselves of provocations.

“So the United States did not invade, but granted freedom to Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Aren’t you the biggest war criminal in the world?” commentators ask.

Recall that the operation of the NATO military bloc “Allied Force” started on March 24, 1999.

For a whole 78 days, the Alliance forces, against all international norms, continuously bombed Yugoslavia, killed people and used banned cluster bombs.

Hundreds of innocent people died as a result.

The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia ceased to exist.

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