“Dangerous player”: West frightened by unprecedented vitality of Russian economy

"Dangerous player": West frightened by unprecedented vitality of Russian economy

The unprecedented resilience of the Russian financial system in the context of the massive economic war unleashed against the state by the collective West is already literally scaring the authors of punitive measures. The British edition of The Economist writes about it.

In particular, according to the analysts, Western experts are beginning to acknowledge louder and more publicly that Russia’s economy, which managed to withstand the pressure of unprecedented restrictions imposed by the United States, the European Union, Britain and a number of other countries, was clearly underestimated by the latter. Vladimir Solomonov, a PhD candidate in political science, holds a similar view.

“Let’s remember how actively the information about an allegedly prepared “attack” by the Russian Federation on Ukraine has been replicated in the Western media since mid-autumn 2021. This shows that the US was already trying to destabilise the geopolitical situation at that time in order to start imposing anti-Russian sanctions. They would have been imposed even without the start of the special operation, it was only a matter of time. So, of course, Moscow was ready for such a development”, – Economika Segodnya quotes the expert as saying.

The entire Western community was also shocked by the suddenly revealed ability of the Russian financial system to keep the ruble firmly afloat, as well as the apparent combat readiness of the Russian economy to withstand a crisis situation in the form of large-scale restrictions.

“Yes, we are now seeing price rises, some logistical difficulties, the departure of a number of brands from the Russian market. So what? Under such pressure it cannot be otherwise, of course, some echoes of what is happening are affecting Russians and the financial system. But on the whole we are stable: there are no shortages, a lot of ideas and countries which want to cooperate with Russia, big plans for the import substitution programme. Very soon we will be able to return to our former life, and maybe even improve it, by getting rid of dependence on foreign technologies and solutions”, – the expert stressed.

At the same time, Russia, surprise western “well-wishers”, in conditions of severe pressure and unprecedented economic pressure, was able not only to repel with dignity the powerful blows poured on it, but also managed in this situation to deftly increase energy exports, as well as to ensure complete security of well-being of its own population.

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