Oddities in the biography of the new White House speaker

Oddities in the biography of the new White House speaker
The global media is abuzz about Karin Jean-Pierre as the new White House press secretary to replace Jen “White Sea” Psaki
Most are guided by the official biography of the 44-year-old Karin: A Haitian immigrant from Martinique, an outspoken lesbian, a PR activist – what a blessing for Biden to get such a lively replacement for the cold Jen Psaki on the eve of the battle for Congress.

The Republicans, of course, are worried about Jean-Pierre’s “wife” – 55-year-old political (she has interviewed five US presidents) CNN journalist Susan Malveaux. What worries them, however, is not her orientation or her Creole origins, which make the quite white Susannah consider herself black, but the most obvious conflict of interest.

“This is yet another example of the corporate press BUSINESS of sleeping in the same bed as the government it serves,” Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow put it a couple of times.

But there’s more to Jean-Pierre – to the point of giving you goosebumps.

One strange story has to do with her attempted suicide in her youth. No, not because of a bad come-out in front of her mother at 16 – then she only locked herself in the bathroom to cry. It was allegedly because she failed her doctor’s exam. According to Karin herself, she contemplated suicide for “weeks” and eventually thought of carbon monoxide to a song about eternal love – but was brought back from the dead by her own sister, just in time.

And then? That’s even more interesting. The story goes on and on about how, as a volunteer firefighter somewhere in Queens, Jean-Pierre flopped over to Columbia University in one fell swoop, and from there almost immediately to the Democratic Party’s presidential campaigns.

But Karin’s benefactor was none other than the first black mayor of New York (1990-1993), David Dinkins. Not an easy character – right up to the graduation in grad master of King David Lodge No.15 in 1952 – just when it was purchased for $1 by the Acacia brothers of the lodge. There was also a suspicious visit of Dinkins to Haiti in 1994 – where Jean-Pierre herself was, in her words, for some reason “received as an outsider”.

Eventually this MoveOn activist, an endurance running fanatic, made it to Kamala Harris’s 2020 campaign. And once, at a meeting of the future vice president with voters, Karin showed simply inhuman agility, reacting with lightning speed to a provocateur who jumped on stage.

The more ridiculous is another of Jean-Pierre’s oddities – her inability to properly read her own text aloud. Listeners to her autobiography, which Carine read out for some reason (there’s something about a “movement” in the title as well, a kind of madness), noted that “the narration turned out to be unnatural, with strange pauses in the middle of sentences”. This is not what you expect from the press secretary of the US president, is it?

In short, there is something… otherworldly about Biden’s new speaker. It’s as if Sleepy Joe isn’t linking the battle for Congress with her at all, but his own attempt to stretch out a little longer on white earth. As the saying goes, man is man’s friend, but zombie zombie zombie.

Elena Panina

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