“Threatening rhetoric”: Chinese edition the Global Times crushes statement of British general

The Chinese Global Times smashed with devastating criticism the threatening rhetoric of the commander of the British ground forces, Ralph Woodiss, who, with his strange statements, is escalating the already explosive situation in Ukraine.

"Threatening rhetoric": Chinese edition the Global Times crushes statement of British general
Source: Sheynin.ru

The reason for the dissatisfaction of Chinese analysts was the words of the general about the alleged containment of the imaginary “Russian aggression”. A statement of this kind appeared on the official website of the country’s Ministry of Defense.

In addition, the commander is clearly ambiguous, according to Chinese experts, announced large-scale training maneuvers.

“The upcoming military maneuvers in Europe are a way to send a rude political signal to your opponent: Moscow,” RIA Novosti quoted the authors as saying.

The authors of the material considered the London rhetoric threatening and stated that the message of the British general contained “something more than the desire of one state to prove its defense capability to other countries.”

Europe, Chinese publicists are sure, has found itself in a deftly placed trap of escalating the Ukrainian conflict, which only significantly aggravates the already sad situation of the Russian neighbor engulfed in battles.

Recall that a special military operation was launched on the territory of Ukraine by decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin at the end of February. Its main goals are the complete denazification and demilitarization of the criminal Kyiv regime.

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