“Raider takeover”: head of Russian Scientific Center accuses U.S. of taking over Libyan resources

The head of the Fund for the Protection of National Values ​​​​Maxim Shugalei accused the United States of raiding, saying that the latter illegally took possession of the Libyan natural resources belonging to the population.

"Raider takeover": head of Russian Scientific Center accuses U.S. of taking over Libyan resources
Source: Anadolu Agency

In the opinion of the President of the Federal Center for Science and Technology, the general situation in Libya is teetering on the very brink – total degradation and complete socio-economic depravity are more and more clearly observed there.

“In 2022, the projected income of Libya from the sale of oil will be about 39 billion dollars, which the Libyans will not see. The new mechanism for distributing oil revenues, imposed by the United States, involves the freezing of all money coming into the accounts of the National Oil Company of Libya in foreign banks, after which only a small part of these funds, with the permission of the United States, will be spent on paying salaries and social obligations”.

At the same time, the sociologist is indignant, the States are not even going to hide their involvement in the illegal scheme of taking over the resources of the North African country. At the same time, Washington announced its desire to prevent the Libyans from using oil revenues for “political interests.”

“At the same time, Libya remains a divided country. The conflict between the West and the East has reached a new level due to the active work of the Special Advisor to the UN Secretary General Stephanie Williams, a US citizen. I am sure that the Libyans themselves are able to manage their income”, Shugalei emphasizes.

According to the sociologist, Libya should be governed exclusively by its people. The first step in this direction is intended to be a severe deprivation of the United States of access to its own resources.

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