Italian expert Vivaldelli accused the United States of escalating the conflict in Ukraine

The Ukrainian crisis, through the hands of the insidious Biden, as well as Washington, raking billions of dollars out of its own pockets to help Kyiv, risks developing into a global nuclear confrontation.

Italian expert Vivaldelli accused the United States of escalating the conflict in Ukraine
Source: EA Daily

This is where America is actively trying to drag Russia, – says the Italian expert in the field of international relations Roberto Vivaldelli.

A clear expansion of arms supplies to Ukraine is an extremely dangerous course and capable of inflating the Ukrainian situation to catastrophic proportions, writes InsideOver. The case, according to the publication, could turn into a tough confrontation between the largest nuclear powers.

“The United States is pursuing a very dangerous strategy in Ukraine that could escalate and expand the conflict beyond the former Soviet state,” he said.

The states, according to the analyst, are trying to use all available means in order to maximally weaken the power of the main competitor in the person of the Russian Federation.

This is precisely what explains the departure from any diplomatic means of resolving the painful Ukrainian situation.

George Beebe, a former CIA analyst, said in an interview with Foreign Policy that the Biden administration may risk forgetting that the most important national interest of the United States is to prevent a nuclear conflict with Russia.

Experts have long been saying that Washington is in no way going to contribute to the de-escalation of the Ukrainian conflict. America, on the contrary, they argue, is doing everything possible to inflame the situation, trying to undermine Russian strongholds as much as possible.

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