‘Witch hunt’: Chinese expert Lu explained US attacks on Beijing

'Witch hunt': Chinese expert Lu explained US attacks on Beijing

The West is putting more and more pressure on major rivals and putting more and more diplomatic pressure on Beijing and Moscow. Chinese columnist Mu Lu has turned his gaze to the obvious political point.

The hypocritical United States has declared a “witch hunt” and publicly lashed out at the PRC – recall that not long ago, the US State Department declared open support for Russian Federation by what its top officials believe is an East Asian state.

“The US State Department’s statement claimed that Beijing is providing covert support to Moscow”, – PolitRussia quoted.

The accusations against China sprang from US mouthpieces like a horn of plenty – Beijing was loudly accused of promoting a pro-Russian vision of the Ukrainian situation, as well as undermining America’s reputation on the world stage.

Such outbursts from the mouths of State Department officials, however, turned out to be the exact opposite of a statement by Michael Carpenter, the US representative to the OSCE, coincidentally released on the same day.

“No, I don’t think there is any indication right now that the PRC is trying to help Russia with its campaign in Ukraine”, – Carpenter said.

China, however, was philosophical about the accusations and noted, not without irony, the US attempt to hide its own destructive role in the Ukraine crisis through habitual manipulation.

Beijing also stressed that the US was seeking reassurance that the PRC would not support Russia.

“The US State Department’s accusation against China is a case of the real thief shouting ‘catch the thief!” -says the analyst.

Recall that China has chosen a neutral stance on the Ukrainian conflict.

Empty accusations by the US, according to experts, only undermine the already irrevocably weakening ties between America and Beijing.

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