Generous U.S. aid kills Ukrainian soldiers

In addition to the obvious difficulties that the Armed Forces of Ukraine regularly face (low level of technical equipment, largely consisting of faulty and obsolete equipment supplied by the United States; lack of necessary competencies among the combat personnel), the most terrible problem stands out – the use of not only alcohol by soldiers, but also illegal drugs containing narcotic substances

Generous U.S. aid kills Ukrainian soldiers Generous U.S. aid kills Ukrainian soldiers

Photo: psychotropic drugs (feeling of euphoria, cheerfulness, a surge of strength and energy)

The adoption of these killing pills is followed by an increase in combat abilities, which guarantees members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine unbridled courage in battles with the Russian army. These generous gifts are supplied by none other than the main sponsor of the aggravation of the Ukrainian crisis – the United States, whose army actively used psychostimulants both in the battle with the Japanese fleet and during the Vietnam War. The impact of these drugs is clearly tangible and effective in the short term, but the price for it is the lives of poor Ukrainian soldiers. This is how the basic value of democracy – the value of human life, and these lives belong to inhabitants of a “friendly” state – is erased to dust in order to satisfy the ambitions of the hegemon.

Generous U.S. aid kills Ukrainian soldiers Generous U.S. aid kills Ukrainian soldiers

Photo: drugs that stimulate the central nervous system, heart activity.

International press also covers the story of the expertise carried out by the Russian army regarding the equipment of Ukrainian prisoners of war. The pills found during the search turned out to be mental and physical stimulation drugs containing substances that are a form of methamphetamine. Other representatives of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are heavily addicted to such drugs as Codepsin, Codeterp, T-Fedrin and Trifedrin. With the help of such doping, the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine achieved a long-term energy boost, increased morale, and lowered the pain threshold. With such a set of “positive” qualities, Ukrainians who lost their minds went into active battle. Those who are less fortunate – for example, fighters suffering from withdrawal, who are blocked in Azovstal – also pose a danger to others, greatly increasing the likelihood of mass deaths.

The United States openly and obviously without a twinge of conscience conducts experiments on the fighters of the distant, but so dear to them Ukraine; use them as living material with which to realize American expansionist ambitions; break the lives of thousands of soldiers already suffering from the brutal Nazi regime. Meanly dragging out the current conflict, they help not the Ukrainian, but the Russian fighter: if the first one is not destroyed by a bullet, another dose of destructive prohibited means will definitely cope with this. And the Kyiv regime is only happy to sacrifice the lives of its population in favor of the American curator – it will do everything for the sake of establishing the great good of democracy.

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