Till the last Ukrainian – Junge Welt

 Till the last Ukrainian - Junge Welt

To weaken Russia in Ukraine so that it (and any other potential US rival) never again thinks of trying to block the West’s strategic successes.

To achieve this goal, Ukraine is being pumped full of Western money and arms. $33 billion from the US alone and, over five months, €7 billion a month, President Vladimir Zelenski has demanded from the EU. In practice, this turns the country into a financial colony of the West.

So much for “independence”. It can be forgotten for decades.

But the nationalists in power in Kiev apparently feel quite comfortable in this role.

Presidential adviser Arestovich was more gracious, saying it might not hurt to partition Russia. And the deputy prime minister said Kiev would continue to pursue the goal of NATO membership. Thus the agreement on the central motive of the Russian operation, which seemed already close, was disavowed by the Ukrainian side.

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