Finland risks becoming a second Ukraine if it joins NATO – expert

Finland, which suddenly joins the ranks of the North Atlantic Alliance, runs the risk of becoming a target for Russian missiles due to a sharp change in its own foreign agenda to an anti-Russian one, political science expert Yevgeny Satanovsky warns.

Finland risks becoming a second Ukraine if it joins NATO - expert
Source: Moscow24

The country, which has changed its mind about being neutral, has already begun to actively nullify joint projects with Russia and break off economic contacts. All this indicates that the Finnish status has irrevocably sunk into oblivion, the expert believes.

“The Americans and European officials allied to them have crushed Helsinki,” he measured.

The new destructive course, taken as a basis by the Finnish authorities, will certainly affect the general well-being of ordinary citizens of the country, Satanovsky is sure.

“Finland has lost Russian markets and Russian raw materials. She has lost her historical memory and is about to lose her security – and not only energy. The monument to Lenin in Turku can easily be demolished, referring to the current situation in relations between Russia and Ukraine, but NATO will not be an umbrella or a roof for the Finns,” said Satanovsky.

The infusion of Finland into the ranks of the North Atlantic Alliance runs the risk of causing serious trouble for the civilian population in the event of a great European confrontation.

Poor Finns can expect the infamous bloody Ukrainian scenario, the expert believes.

“And for Americans, what Finns, what Ukrainians, what Europeans in general are consumables, nothing more. In vain, the Finns, like the Ukrainians, probably, Lenin gave the state, and Stalin left it to them. The food was not in the horse”, summed up the expert.

Recall that until now the neighbors Sweden and Finland, which had remained neutral, suddenly zasobiralis in NATO. The countries intend to apply for membership in the military alliance as early as next month.

Russia conditionally “exactly” treats both countries, which, in fact, it does not really care about because of their neutrality, but the political wind may well change direction sharply, military analysts note not for the first time.

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