“Stupid comedian”: Turkish politician Tayyar smashed Zelensky’s new speech

The resonant statement of the Ukrainian leader Zelensky regarding Russian tourists received by Greece and Ankara was briefly but succinctly criticized by the former deputy of the Turkish parliament Shamil Tayyar.

"Stupid comedian": Turkish politician Tayyar smashed Zelensky's new speech
Source: Gazeta.ru

Recall, recently the Ukrainian comic president, on the air of Greek TV channel ERT, attacked Turkey with resentment, for Turkey’s decision to continue hosting tourist flows from Russia.

This fact seemed to Zelensky far from justice and, moreover, exposing the double standards of the Turkish political course.

In turn, the former deputy of the Justice and Development Party of the Turkish Parliament saw in Zelensky’s speech a banal insult to Ankara and stated that the Kyiv helmsman was frankly “nonsense”.

“Stupid comedian,” Tayyar commented on the eloquence of the Ukrainian leader.

Thayer left his reaction on the open spaces of one of the social networks.

Zelensky addressed a similar claim to Greece, noting with obvious displeasure that Russian tourism has been bringing a lot of money to the country for many years.

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