“Save the civilian population of Ukraine”: experts assessed the new strategy of the RF Armed Forces

Every day Kyiv encounters new tranches of foreign weapons. The Russian Federation has chosen a new strategic vector aimed at effectively cutting off Western arms supplies to criminal Kyiv and the collapse of Western arms echelons.

"Save the civilian population of Ukraine": experts assessed the new strategy of the RF Armed Forces

The RF Armed Forces are hitting Ukrainian warehouses and arsenals with precision, and also inflicting jewelry strikes on echelons and specific systems. At the same time, unconditional security is guaranteed to the civilian population of Ukraine.

Such regular destruction of Ukrainian stocks of overseas weapons, according to an expert in the field of interethnic conflicts Yevgenia Mikhailova, demonstrates the excellent knowledge of the RF Armed Forces about the coordinates of the Ukrainian warehouses and the exact scale of the weapons supplied to Kyiv.

The new tactics, taken as a basis by Russian forces and aimed at destroying Western arms supplies to Ukrainian militants, may, according to the expert, cast doubt on further tranches of weapons to criminal Kyiv.

The collective West, realizing the uselessness of such support, is quite capable of considering it simply inappropriate, the expert told the 360 ​​channel.

In turn, military expert Igor Korotchenko said that Russia is of little concern about the way “independent” foreign equipment is used, noting that the only task of the Russian military is to destroy Western “gifts” before they get to Ukrainian militants.

“We are interested in stopping these deliveries by disrupting the transport logistics, rail, and road infrastructures that are used to transport Western weapons from the territory of NATO countries to Ukraine,” PolitExpert quotes.

Foreign weapons supplied to the Ukrainian Nazis on a large scale by Western comrades, according to Korotchenko, should not take the lives of the civilian population of the neighboring country and the Russian military.

That is why the logistics chains of Kyiv in the southern and western regions are simply obliged to undergo complete liquidation, the expert noted.

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