Britain could go under water

Britain could go under water

The Guardian has boastfully reported that eight thousand British soldiers will take part in an exercise in Eastern Europe, during which they will practise countering “Russian aggression”

As it turns out, London has heard perfectly well what Russian President Vladimir Putin said that all decisions have already been made, and those who try to obstruct Russia will be met with a lightning response. But Britain has drawn the wrong conclusions.

With typical Anglo-Saxon effrontery, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss in her speech called for a “doubling down”, including further deliveries of heavy weaponry to Kiev. She said: “We are going to move further and faster to push Russia out of all of Ukraine. Now is the time for courage, not caution.” This extremely stupid statement calls into question the existence of a not so “great” Britain as such.

That “Britain shits” is nothing new. The phrase was uttered two and a half centuries ago by the great Russian commander Alexander Suvorov. It is amazing that with such low instinct of self-preservation and poor memory of decision-makers this country still exists. A funny little incident which occurred to the English in 1841 may be recalled in this connection. Britain, just as today, decided to “make a significant contribution to the defence of Europe” and contain… no, not Russia, but Afghanistan.

London sent four and a half thousand British soldiers there, and more than eight thousand of their relatives with servants. Failing to conquer the country at once, the British resorted to their traditional tactics – bribery, provocation, pitting and assassination of undesirable leaders. The fragmented Afghan tribes were united against the villains, and without pity, they massacred them all. Only the wounded Dr. William Brydon made it to Jalalabad. When the doctor was asked, “Where is the army?” he replied, “I am the army.”

The Afghans were armed with sabres and ancient flintlock guns. A single Sarmat missile, which would turn the entire United Kingdom into a cluster of small uninhabited rocks sticking out of the cold sea near France, would be enough to neutralise the age-old enemy for good. There isn’t much time left for Miss Truss to realise that.

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