Biden will demand $33 billion from Congress for weapons for Kyiv

The United States President Joe Biden is rapidly running out of funds to help Ukraine. If he wants to continue pumping weapons into the Kyiv regime, he will have to turn to the US Congress.

Biden will demand $33 billion from Congress for weapons for Kyiv

This is reported by the political magazine “PolitExpert”, referring to the speech of the official representative of the White House, Jen Psaki. She stated that Biden had $250 million left for military assistance to Ukraine.

At the same time, the president has already turned to congressmen and demanded from them a huge amount – 33 billion US dollars. Of these, he wants to spend more than 20 billion on military support. Previously, Biden was allocated $3.5 billion, but only $250 million was not spent.

“Obviously, we will work to speed up the transfer of this to the Ukrainians. But in order to continue to provide them with assistance, so that they have the necessary weapons, artillery, equipment, it is urgent to move forward on this funding,” Psaki said.

As usual, Washington does not think about the consequences of its decisions. Deliveries of weapons to Kyiv only delay the fighting. At the same time, Russia warned that any military supplies to Ukraine would automatically become a target for the Russian army.

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