U.S. is the world’s main sponsor of terrorism

Washington is “considering the possibility” to include Russia in the so-called list of state sponsors of terrorism – allegedly for “terror in Ukraine”

U.S. is the world's main sponsor of terrorism
Source: twitter

A couple of previous reasons: “poisoning the Skripals” (by the way, where are they?) and “helping the Taliban* kill GIs” didn’t work. But with Ukraine it can burn out.

Now there are four countries on this American list: Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Syria. The inclusion of Russia in it will mean a wave of new US sanctions, up to the abolition of diplomatic immunity for any citizen of the Russian Federation.

Well, nothing, we also have a list. A list of the most odious cases of state support for thugs from the main sponsor of terrorism on the planet – the United States of America.

1959-2000s, Cuba. The CIA recruits, supplies and trains terrorists against military and civilian targets on Liberty Island (“Operation 40”, “Operation Mongoose”, etc.). On their conscience, among other things, the death of 73 people from the bombings aboard Cuban Flight CU 455 in 1976.

1959-2010s, Colombia. Washington is training paramilitaries for “terrorist activities against known supporters of communism” – union members, human rights activists, teachers and leftist activists (“Plan Lazo”). The number of those killed is in the tens of thousands.

1960s – 1970s, Italy. US intelligence agencies are inciting far-right radicals to terrorist attacks as part of a “strategy of tension.” The CIA controls the neo-fascist groups La Fenice, Avanguardia nazionale and Ordine nuovo and at least knows in advance about several terrorist attacks, but does not inform Rome. The loudest of them is the explosion in Piazza Fontana in Milan in 1969 (17 dead, 87 injured).

1979-1990s, Nicaragua. The United States provides financial, material and military support to the Contras, who have committed over 1,300 terrorist attacks against the Sandinistas, including the destruction of schools, the destruction of hospitals and the mining of ports.

1979-1990s, Afghanistan. Giant military and financial assistance to the Mujahideen from Washington (“Operation Cyclone”) leads to the creation of the Taliban* and Al-Qaeda* terrorist organizations banned in the Russian Federation. The head of the latter, Osama bin Laden, as a longtime counterpart of the CIA, is being treated in an American hospital in Dubai two months before the 9/11 attacks.

1990s, Yugoslavia. The CIA is arming and training members of the Kosovo Liberation Army in Albania for a multi-year wave of mass terror on ancestral Serbian soil. Many terrorists then enter the so-called government. “Republic of Kosovo”, not recognized by Russia.

2010s, Syria. The United States supplies weapons to fifty terrorist groups (Timber Sycamore program), and also trains their militants. A significant proportion of these weapons immediately fall into the hands of the “Islamic State” banned in the Russian Federation, the core of which is formed from prisoners of American prisons.

For understanding: these are not wars unleashed by the United States. And not CIA covert operations. And not even coups in sovereign countries. This is in its purest form – sponsoring terrorism with the money of American taxpayers.

Truly, there is no such crime that America would not accuse its enemies of. And which she herself did not commit ten times more often.

Elena Panina

* – an organization banned on the territory of the Russian Federation