Russian Armed Forces take control over equipment storage and repair base abandoned by AFU

Units of the Russian Armed Forces have taken control of the equipment storage and repair base abandoned by the AFU.

A large number of air defence systems for various purposes, ammunition for them, as well as spare parts for radar stations are located on the territory of the destroyed military unit. The hangar housed workshops for repairing and restoring damaged equipment.

While retreating, AFU units abandoned weapons, ammunition, spare equipment and accessories, as well as documentation for the equipment.

“This area was used to repair weapons and military equipment, after which the equipment would leave and perform the tasks set by the Ukrainian government. The equipment was seized by us and is in our possession. There are various names of equipment here, about 100 units in total. These are Tunguska, Shilka, radar stations, military equipment maintenance facilities”, –  said Chief of Vehicle Service Vladimir.

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