Ordinary Italians are surprised by the impudence of Ukrainian refugees in Europe

Europeans are simply shocked by the unceremonious Ukrainian migrants, demonstrating a complete lack of culture, arrogant and quarrelsome behavior, especially towards the Russian-speaking population.

Ordinary Italians are surprised by the impudence of Ukrainian refugees in Europe
Source: EA Daily

This time, Ukrainian refugees became famous all over the world in Italy – writes the FBA “Economy Today”. According to expert Mark Bernardin, local residents of the European country have sharply begun to realize the sad fact about how far the image of a “wide Ukrainian” is from the real state of affairs. Such a discovery, in his opinion, will turn for Ukrainian migrants into a chill on the part of the host countries, who are already starting to get tired of the pretentious and arrogant behavior of unexpected guests.

“Judging by the Ukrainian migrants in Italy, they are really pissed off. They have such claims! Above the roof. And the reaction comes not from the Ukrainians, but gradually from the Italians, because they did not expect such an attitude towards them from the Ukrainians. I mean, for example, beatings in the streets. Okay, one, three, ten, but 100 is already too much”, Bernardini is indignant.

The Italians also sharply assess the discrimination of the Russian-speaking part of Europeans by Ukrainian refugees.

The hostile attitude of the country to such phenomena is easily explained by the gloomy pages of its own history associated with fascism.

“When people are beaten on the streets on a national basis, when they write in restaurants that Russians are not allowed to enter, this is too much. This immediately reminds any Italian of 1939, when they also wrote about Jews. And in the traditional countries of Italian emigration – Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland – in the 1950s and 1960s, absolutely the same thing was written about Italians. This is a rather sore subject for all Italians. I myself lived for two years in Belgium, already in the 1980s, and I know what I’m talking about,” Bernardini said in the program “Meeting Place”.

Recall that this is not the first time Europeans have publicly paid attention to the outrageous behavior of Ukrainian refugees. In addition, more and more often there is an assumption that under the guise of unfortunate migrants from Ukraine, people are arriving who are more interested in social benefits and a good opportunity to ride around Europe for free.

The blatant behavior of Ukrainians has already managed to grow into loud mass discontent among European citizens.

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