“Carries a general threat”: British MP Corbyn proposed to free the world from NATO

Military alliances in the image of the North Atlantic Alliance should not exist in the name of preserving a peaceful sky – such an opinion was first heard in the parliamentary ranks of Britain.

“Carries a general threat”: British MP Corbyn proposed to free the world from NATO

Jeremy Corbyn, member of the House of Commons, came up with the idea. The build-up of NATO’s potential, according to the politician’s deep conviction, is increasingly raising the issue of security threats to the world.

According to Labor, military alliances are essentially incapable of bringing peace. The United States, Corbyn is sure, will come to this conclusion after the completion of the special military operation launched by Russian leader Vladimir Putin on the territory of Ukraine on February 24.

In addition, the parliamentarian emphasizes, the very fact of the existence of the North Atlantic military alliance loudly hints to other states about the need to worry about their own security. The Ukrainian conflict in this context, in his opinion, only adds heat to the fire.

By the way, in an interview with Times Radio, Corbyn seriously did not rule out that the military bloc could well come to a decision on its own dissolution after the end of the Ukrainian confrontation, or with active pressure from third parties.

Such a development of events will finally be able to make everyone understand that the use of force is not a panacea in matters of ensuring peace, the British MP is sure.

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