Secret designs: Washington completely unarmed against Russian nuclear torpedo Poseidon

Secret designs: Washington completely unarmed against Russian nuclear torpedo Poseidon

The Russian Federation, which has successfully revived its submarine fleet, possesses a powerful weapon in the form of a classified nuclear ghost torpedo capable of striking the unarmed United States, if necessary.

According to Sohu, over the past three decades the US has shown very little concern for its own SOSUS hydroacoustic submarine system, which was quite successful in tracking Soviet submarines during Soviet times.

However, the Russian navy has not only gone through a major recovery phase, it has managed to reach a whole new level.

Secret Russian developers managed to reveal to modern times a new type of nuclear weapon – we are talking about the unique nuclear torpedo Poseidon. Its distinctive feature – the ability to cause a five hundred meter tsunami, as well as to move to a depth of one kilometre, developing an unprecedented speed – up to 200 km per hour – reports PolitRussia.

Experts note, the impact radius and the range of the new torpedo is comparable to that of intercontinental missiles. The main advantage of Poseidon is the inability of the US military to track it and divert it from its course because of the unsuitability of the aforementioned SOSUS system for this purpose.

The unpredictable “Poseidon”, designed both for the destruction of coastal objects, and for the destruction of the enemy’s fleet and aircraft carrier groups, has already made a lot of noise among the Americans. The possibility of a Russian ghost strike from the depths of the sea, in the event of a confrontation between Russia and the United States, has already acted as a frankly frightening factor for Washington.

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