Jail for “Z”: German authorities create new political prisoners

Jail for "Z": German authorities create new political prisoners

Listen, is Germany really a democratic country? Or is it such a democracy nowadays?

There have already been almost a hundred and fifty criminal cases brought there for supporting Russia’s special operation in Ukraine. And in the vast majority of cases – for the “improper use” of the letter Z!

Not for mercenary work on the side of the Russians. Not for money transfers to Donbass. Not even for pro-Russian publications in the press. But just for the fact that someone drew the sign on his car window or used it on his avatar. That is, you simply cannot be judged for such a display of feelings – but if you really want to, you can.

All special operation sympathisers face criminal charges under §140 of the German Criminal Code “Encouragement and approval of punishable acts”. We have not been lazy to look there. Indeed, German law prohibits the encouragement or public endorsement (for the purpose of disturbing public order) of several types of crime. There’s a bunch of everything from preparation for aggressive war, treason and genocide to ionising radiation of other people’s belongings.

And, intellectually, it should work like this. Some German will write on a forum: “How nice that the US Air Force bombed a wedding in Afghanistan!” or exclaim at a rally: “Our grandfathers killed one in four Belarusians. Good, but not enough” – he will be detained here.

But to throw him in jail for a mere Z-sign? What an associative imagination one needs! With such an expansive interpretation, you have to go to jail for the image of the dollar, and for the American flag on the userpik. There have been no such cases? That’s odd.

However, it is not strange. The third decade of XXI century, the “new normalcy”, occupied country under the U.S. boot. And yet I wonder how many thousands of German politicians, clerks and journalists will go to prison under the same § 140 of the Criminal Code of the FRG, when the whole truth about the war crimes of Kiev will come out? The very ones that Berlin has been encouraging, paying for, covering up and often publicly supporting for eight years now?

“We didn’t know”? “We were misled”? “We meant well”? What a Nurembergian excuse.

Elena Panina

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