Denazification of Ukraine: operational summary (April 18, updated)

Denazification of Ukraine: operational summary (April 18, updated)

18:41 Ukrainian forces likely used cluster munitions in shelling village of Husarovka, Balakleya district, Kharkiv Region, in March – New York Times.

15:38 A monument to Lenin has been restored in liberated Genichesk, Kherson Region.

15:22 In a week in southern regions of Ukraine, Rosgvardians ensured the distribution of more than 520 tons of foodstuffs. More than 50,000 residents of Kherson, Berdyansk, Genichesk, Melitopol and other settlements received basic necessities, canned food, cereals, pasta and other durable products.

15:15 Putin has set payments of fivem roubles each for Russian border guards killed on the borders with Ukraine, the DPR and LPR.

14:00 At this moment, the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is conducting a powerful artillery shelling of Izyum and its suburbs. Shells are exploding in a residential area. Attacks, including cluster munitions, have been going on since 5 am with different intervals.

13:19 The SBU publishes a video in which Medvedchuk asks Putin and Zelensky to exchange him for military personnel and residents of Mariupol.

13:01 The Russian Aerospace Forces are striking at positions, locations and military facilities of the enemy in the area of ​​the settlement. Dnepropetrovsk and regions.

12:56 Two British prisoners who surrendered in Mariupol asked the British Prime Minister to exchange them for Medvedchuk.

12:48 The Cossack squad will be involved in ensuring the safety of students in Melitopol schools. Currently, there are five schools in the city: the fourth, seventh, ninth, thirteenth and fifteenth.

12:42 The special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine is going according to plan. The Ukrainian side does not demonstrate constancy in the agreements reached in the negotiations with the Russian Federation, changes its position – Peskov.

12:05 Kyiv, with the support of the West, is completing the preparation of a provocation with the shelling of churches in a number of regions of Ukraine on Easter night – the Russian Defense Ministry.

11:50 The Russian Ministry of Defense for the first time published the lists of the dead Ukrainian soldiers and fighters of the banned Azov*. According to the agency, the irretrievable losses of the Ukrainian side are 23,367 people. Also at the disposal of the ministry there are documents about a large number of deserters, wounded and missing in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

11:49 In the Kharkiv region, a special unit of anti-tank guided missiles of the 95th air assault brigade was captured, which shot down two Russian Ka-52 helicopters.

11:46 The Banner of Victory is again over the Eternal Flame in Kherson! It was raised by Crimean Konstantin Knyrik and Kherson Kirill Stremousov.

“May 9 will be celebrated in Kherson with heads held high, the Banner of Victory and St. George ribbons! Just like all over the country.”

11:27 The village of Malinovka near Gulyaypole came under the control of the RF Armed Forces.

11:19 Russian artillery units during the night attacked 315 objects of the Ukrainian troops. The following were hit: 18 command posts, 22 artillery batteries, the OSA-AKM anti-aircraft missile system, as well as 275 strongholds and enemy manpower concentration areas. Russian air defense systems shot down three Ukrainian combat aircraft in the air: two MiG-29 fighters in the area of ​​the IZYUM settlement and one Su-25 in the Avdiivka area.

11:02 Kindergarten No. 38 has resumed work in Melitopol. The team went to work and today the first pupils came to the kindergarten. Now the issue of organizing hot meals for children is being worked out. It will be organized shortly.

11:00 A number of Ukrainian sources report the start of an offensive by the Russian Armed Forces and the DPR in the Zaporozhye and Donetsk regions. The movement of troops goes towards Gulyai Pole and Velikaya Novoselka. There is also information on movements in several sectors of the front in the Kharkov region.

10:53 Nikolaev is waiting for the fate of Mariupol. According to sources, the Ukrainian command is pulling military equipment into the city, which is placed in many urban infrastructure facilities and in residential areas. There is a mining of objects of the city. Western curators, following their usual military tactics, believe that the most important points of defense are coastal cities, writes the Southern Bridgehead telegram channel.

10:38 A Ukrainian MIG-29 was shot down near Izyum. The Russian calculation of the Buk-M2 air defense system destroyed the enemy plane.

09:52 According to preliminary data, during the night attacks on the Dnipropetrovsk region, a military facility in the Sinelnikovsky region and the railway infrastructure in the Pavlograd region were hit.

09:37 Five missile attacks on Lvov are reported.

09:02 It is reported that an explosion occurred in Vasilkov near Kiev.

08:42 Media reports about explosions in Kyiv and Lvov.

08:07 Ukrainian Armed Forces hit “Tochka-U” in the Zaporozhye region. The impact damaged the Tokmak farm, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

08:05 In Berdyansk, the coat of arms of Ukraine was removed from the building of the city executive committee.

07:56 In social networks they write that powerful explosions thundered in Kyiv.

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