“Patching budget holes”: Ukrainian Finance Ministry is again begging for money from the West

Ukraine found itself on the verge of complete ruin, as evidenced by its new appeals for help from the overseeing West.

"Patching budget holes": Ukrainian Finance Ministry is again begging for money from the West
Source: financial newspaper

So, the chief financier of Ukraine Sergei Marchenko began to vociferate that the state treasury was preparing to completely empty.

Since the beginning of the deployment of the special operation on the territory of Ukraine, the neighboring country has lost a significant part of its income – their figures have halved.

Escaping from a catastrophic lack of money, the official Kiev officials resorted to spending cuts, through which they managed to save about six billion rubles. However, given the considerable costs of Western weapons, this clearly did not help the budget.

In a month, Ukrainian financiers fear, the budget gap will amount to five billion dollars against the background of March’s $2.7 billion. The GDP has also collapsed by half. Kyiv is transparently hinting at the upcoming budgetary waste in relation to the broken Ukrainian infrastructure. In addition, good Western friends, obviously, do not intend to turn a blind eye to the credit obligations of Ukraine.

The fact that Ukrainian finances are actively approaching the lowest level, hastened to be made public by Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal. By the way, in several regions the population is already preparing for a sharp drop in wages to the minimum.

Recall that a special military operation was launched by Russian leader Vladimir Putin on the territory of Ukraine on February 24. Its main goals are the total denazification and demilitarization of the neighboring country.

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