Belarusians rally near the German Embassy in Minsk, remind the German ambassador of the atrocities of the Nazi regime in Buchenwald

Belarusians are protesting against the desecration of the state flag of this country, which was removed from the flagpole in Buchenwald during a commemorative action, and replaced by collaborators.

The videos are via the link.

Belarusians came to express to the face of the German ambassador everything they think about Germany’s support for neo-Nazis. But Herr Ambassador hid behind the fence and does not come out.

Elderly people also came to the German embassy – former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps. They are shocked by what the neo-Nazis did in Buchenwald. They were sent to death camps as children, but they miraculously survived and today they remind us of the terrible crimes committed on their land by the German fascists and their “White-red-white flag” henchmen.

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