Yasinovataya. Special report

Civilians of Yasinovataya said that they had been waiting for the end of hostilities for all eight years of their life, since it is very scary to live in a war.

“For eight years they have been bullying us all the time. You can’t negotiate with them. Shelling every day… I don’t want to talk about it. Don’t film.”

The military commissar noted that today Mariupol is at the epicenter of attention, people survive. In the city and in general in the Mariupol direction, the main events of the theater of military operations in the Donbass are unfolding.

“There the issue is practically resolved. The Ukrainian group is about to be finally destroyed. But there are other directions – the outskirts of Gorlovka, Donetsk and Yasinovataya. And here the situation is much worse,” says Georgy Medvedev.

Here is also a house. Multi-apartment. All the windows on one side, which faces the Ukrainian positions, have been smashed out. The shell also exploded right under the house. Now people are busy clearing blockage.

A house. An apartment block. All floors were damaged, starting from the first, where the shops are located and upstairs through residential apartments. In the early morning, a blow was also struck from large-caliber weapons, from artillery. Here is the funnel. Miraculously, no one was hurt, everyone was at home. The shards shattered all the windows. Apartments damaged. But fortunately no casualties.

But in a neighboring house, as local residents say, an ambulance was called after this [shelling]. Unfortunately, there are victims.

The last night was probably the hottest. Unfortunately, the administration suffered a direct hit. More regret is that the hit happened in the children’s clinic. Major destruction. Kindergarten was today destroyed. Recently, the firing went on social facilities.

Answering the question: “What do people hope for?” – the answer is unequivocal.

“To win. What else to hope for? To win. In order to take Avdiivka faster, Maryanka”.

“We [hope] for Victory so that fewer of our soldiers die. And let those nationalists die, creatures”.

Author’s shooting of the military correspondent of the News Front team Georgy Medvedev.

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