“Coercive politics”: the Chinese press criticised the West’s course

"Coercive politics": the Chinese press criticised the West's course

Washington is once again demonstrating an arrogant desire for world domination through coercion – writes the Chinese newspaper Global Times. According to the author, this is evidenced by the grave crisis that has hit Ukraine.

The newspaper draws everybody’s attention to the fact that the unruly West is constantly trying to wage conflicts with countries that pursue external independence. The United States accuses the latter of mythical violations of “universal human values” and then, as is customary, unleashes a war of sanctions.

“Data shows that since World War II, the number of unnatural deaths of foreign nationals due to US sanctions has exceeded the total number of deaths in all wars over the same period. Now more and more countries are unwilling to submit to US coercive policies,” GT publishes.

In particular, the author cites attempts by the West to put pressure on China, India and a number of other countries, listed as enemies solely because of ties with Russia.

We shall remind you that the publication also noted the dissatisfaction with China’s position on Russia and stated that NATO is continuously attempting to induce China to collude against a strong competitive state.

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