The war on Ukrainian Nazism will affect everyone

The war on Ukrainian Nazism will affect everyone

Some people, many of them do not realize that for a month and a half now there is a war going on, and it is not just sluggish ping-pong, but is in flames, killing hundreds and thousands a day

The war will not end “to order” – at Easter, on May 9, on Bastille Day. The war was waged with one goal – to exhaust, to eliminate Russia as a subject of world politics, as a given, as the last bastion of resistance to the new world order. In fact, Ukraine is not in question here at all – those who unleashed the war, do not take Ukraine and the people living there into account.

The forces of evil do not operate narrowly, but on a large scale, in the millions, licking off tens and hundreds of thousands at a time with their fiery tongue. Hence the provocations by the Ukrainian armed forces with strikes on the civilian population, and the following accusations of Russia. Hence the bombing of chemical tanks in Donbass.

Ukraine is condemned and will not exist within these boundaries, and perhaps thank God for that. Kiev failed, they played it but failed to spin the drum (c). Now others are spinning the drum. Russia is trying to move the threat away from its borders, but is still playing second fiddle. The initiative is on the side of the enemy, designated at the geostrategic level by the collective West, at the operational level by the AFU and “operational troops” in the form of PMCs, at the tactical level by Azov formations, Right Sector battalions, etc.

I have said it many times and will say it again and again – maybe it will come to the attention of those who are in an ostrich’s position thinking to sit out the “disasters with consequences”, sticking their heads in the sand. Don’t wait it out, because everyone will be affected, and everyone’s deeds and substance will be exposed to the light of God. Now for the private.

Donbass is bogged down by serious enemy defences, and without Russia – without its army, its air force, without its titanic efforts – it cannot cope. Losses in the People’s Militia brigades amount to almost half of the personnel (“thanks” to those who threw the units into frontal attacks). The enemy has aviation and serious missile weapons. It wants to bomb Russian cities, but does not have the capability. Only Belgorod (a civilian facility) and Millerovo (a military unit) have been hit so far. The enemy’s ability to operate with aircraft on Russian territory is limited. But, for example, it uses attack aircraft against DNR units in the Zaporozhye direction.

Trouble in war comes not from the enemy, because the enemy is always dangerous and usually knows what he is doing. You can expect nothing but meanness and malice from the enemy. Trouble comes when their idiots destroy packs of people, when the headquarters at the top (even at the very top) are very far from reality, for which simple soldiers from the farm, from the mine, from the factory have to pay the price. This chain can be clearly seen from the miscalculations and misinformation used in developing and planning operations, to unreachable results, half-hearted decisions and losses in manpower and equipment. Questions for intelligence and analytical structures. There are questions about, to put it mildly, the strange logistics and lack thereof, as well as the abysmal supply of troops, above all the combat ranks.

Undoubtedly, Russia will fight for Donbas. Reconnaissance, if you like, targeting, is now underway. Russia will cling with its teeth to the land corridor to Crimea, so Russia will fight for the Russian city of Mykolaiv. Without Nikolaev, the vulnerability of that corridor is obvious. Hopefully, this battle is about never giving away Mykolaiv to anyone afterwards. Enough is enough, we have had enough!

The army is fighting, washed in blood, volunteers are getting into formation and a certain “elite” have a very strong desire to surrender. This, as they say, is in plain sight. It is also strange statements of the Presidential Press-Secretary Dmitry Peskov, appearing in a CNN video-interview wearing a shirt and tie in the colours of a yellow and blue flag. It is just a coincidence, isn’t it? But we know how much importance they attach to symbols.

It is also expressed in the way they are gradually removing “boots on the ground” – people with combat experience, resolute and principled, able to organize forces and resources and carry out the task.

After suffering heavy losses, the Russian army has gained a good anger in the form of desire to revenge war crimes and meanness, Russophobia and many other things on the enemy. And if there are attempts to “merge”, those who have fought and are fighting will certainly be called to account for such attempts.

One should not take the desire to surrender directly in the form of raising hands and going over to the side of the enemy (although such things do happen even in our times). For Russia, to surrender is to conclude a new Brest, Reykjavik, Khasavyurt, even Minsk-3. After all, to betray is not to betray, but to anticipate in time, isn’t it?

Russia has no other option, especially after the recognition of the DNR and LNR, but to liberate the Donbass. The operation will start any day now, and you don’t have to be a visionary to realise it. Britain’s MI5 has made no secret of the “vanguard” of the battle for Donbass. The same Saakashvili, who is on the hook for the US CIA, chose to rally in a Georgian prison, ending his career in Ukraine after receiving a signal that war was imminent.

Now for the chances of the sides. The chances are there, and not insignificant ones. The Russians have amassed a sizeable grouping, but the enemy is also getting stronger, moving new formations, armaments and equipment from the new ‘Land-Lease’ from the US and allies to the Russian border.

The reality is that Russia does not have an overwhelming advantage in either manpower or equipment and armaments, as required by military science. But we have what we have, and the lack of superiority does not cancel the set tasks.

Where will Russia fight? Mariupol, Avdiivka, Marinka, Kurakhovo, Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Izyum, Slavyansk, etc. Counterattack attempts are possible in border areas with Kursk, Bryansk and Belgorod provinces.

In Mariupol, the enemy is fighting back, using Soviet-era bunker galleries and independently excavating something else in the underground communications of the Azovstal plant. On this basis, an absolutely correct decision has been made to avoid an assault and to clear all the floors under the ground of Azovstal. All exits will be plugged, including the new ones dug in secrecy by the Ukranazis. They will extinguish communications, turn off generators, deprive the water supply and wait. Competently. We know how to wait.

There are a number of signs that “upstairs” is slowly turning on its head, realising what we have to do in the Donbas-Ukrainian direction. New assault units are being formed through the PMCs. These are Wagner PMCs, SDD PMCs, and PMCs subordinate to the Main Staff of the Russian Armed Forces. And not only assault squads, but units to operate in the 2nd and 3rd lines. It is these forces that will be entrusted with the practical task of clearing the territory from the enemy. This is how Novorossiya will be forged.

The main thing is that this work is carried out uninterruptedly, as a well-oiled mechanism. And the result will surely be.

Yuriy Kotenok, Segodnya. Ru

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