“Ukrainians think everyone owes them”: Ukrainian refugees again disgraced in Europe

Hungary is suffocating from the massive influx of Ukrainian refugees. The country complains that it is on the verge of its own capabilities.

“Ukrainians think everyone owes them”: Ukrainian refugees again disgraced in Europe

A depressing moment for the Hungarian public was an unexpected discovery associated with complete Ukrainian lack of culture. The evacuees crossing the border are in no hurry to show due gratitude for the assistance provided to them, said Hungarian political scientist Miklós Keveházy.

Expressing sympathy for the Ukrainians fleeing from the bullets of explosions (through the fault, by the way, of the actions of their own criminal authorities), the political scientist regretfully notes that the inhabitants of Ukraine do not have the skills of behavior in a cultural society, believing that everything is allowed for them and those around them than are obliged.

“Everyone would really like for all this to end as soon as possible, for peace to come, and for Ukrainians to return to their homes, to build a new life,” Kevehazy mourns.

However, full of claims and incomprehensible contempt, the behavior of Ukrainian refugees is not the first time gaining a bad reputation.

Earlier, we recall, the impudence of the evacuees has already managed to shock the residents of Moldova, Latvia and Poland.

There they massively complained about the demands of the settlers to “talk” to them in Ukrainian, the outrageous tendency to idleness and the unreasonable manifestation of “lordly manners” in relation to the benevolent local population.

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