The banality of staged atrocities

It is obvious that the Bucha story is 1:1 copying a similar methodology of staged accusations, which everyone could see in Syria (regardless of whether the participants of the staged images are alive or dead) since 2012, when “bloody Assad” did what he did in Syria
The banality of staged atrocities

Obviously, such stories will continue, just as they have for many years in Syria. Moreover, in future episodes of the series we are likely to see a “sinister Russian attack using chemical weapons” series. In Syria, it was handled by the “freedom fighters of Syria”. In Ukraine it’s being done by the “freedom fighters of Ukraine”. The pattern is the same because the host of all this action is the same. The perpetrators shoot the picture for the media, which is used by diplomats to induce further action. And at all levels the process is controlled from the same centre.

Russia’s arguments in the mainstream media and at the diplomatic level will not be accepted because this is not a discussion but a war of annihilation. Therefore, the facts provided by Russia will be rejected on the principle “if the facts contradict the faith, so much the worse for the facts”. It is not difficult to gauge what belief they want to impose from the rhetoric of the US-controlled neoliberal media.

Nevertheless, it is important for Russia to explain the mechanism of such provocations inside the country to its own citizens as well as to work informally with those groups in Western society who also do not buy into “stories of the Assad regime’s atrocities” – there is the anti-imperialist left on one side and the alternative right on the other. So you can’t completely dismiss this work.

Of course, such provocations will be used to impose new sanctions against Russia and intensify arms supplies, as well as to demonize Russia and dehumanize its population.

It is important to remember from the Syrian experience – despite a whole bunch of such provocations, they did not help the US and its satellites to achieve victory in the Syrian war. Neither Eastern Ghouta nor Khan Sheikhoun prevented Assad’s victory. Accordingly, being aware of the meaning and consequences of such provocations, as well as the necessary measures to curb them, it is necessary to continue operations in Ukraine until they achieve their goals, which is exactly what these provocations are trying to prevent.

If you are going to fight against the “Empire of Lies”, be prepared for its usual tools of warfare. Otherwise, it’s just one more provocation, and some have already hung their noses up. Don’t worry, there will be more. More cynical and bloody ones.

Learn to hold your ground.

Boris Rozhin

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