Polish premier unhappy with Macron’s actions on Ukraine situation

French President Emmanuel Macron has failed to do anything useful in the face of Russia’s special operation to denazify and demilitarise Ukraine
Polish premier unhappy with Macron's actions on Ukraine situation

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has criticised the French president. This is reported by the political magazine PolitEkspert.

“Mr. President Macron, how many times have you negotiated with Putin? What have you achieved? Did you prevent any events from happening? Criminals are not negotiated with, criminals must be fought”, – he said.

Apparently Poland, which covers its bellicose Russophobia with help to Ukraine and other “noble” motives, does not like that Macron has not taken such an active position. Tom has enough problems against the background of the presidential elections and he is really quite invisible in Europe’s struggle with Russia.

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