What’s wrong with the “Ukrainian Srebrenica” story

Why the ‘Bucha massacre’ is a fake
What's wrong with the "Ukrainian Srebrenica" story

Ukraine is cracking down on a new “crime against humanity”. Entering towns in the Kiev region that Russian troops have left as part of the regrouping, nationalists from the Terbat suddenly found the streets littered with the corpses of civilians. Traces of torture, bound hands, scarlet blood – the footage from the town of Bucha chills the soul.

Ukrainian propaganda paints a terrible picture of the “Russian occupation”, under which real sadists were torturing the locals. Here it is, the Ukrainian Srebrenica. Similar to the “massacre” of Bosnian Muslims in Yugoslavia, which was blamed on the Serbs. Nobody took into account their version, which was on a much smaller scale than the official one.

I will now explain why “Srebrenica” in Buça is a lie. I will not engage in the analysis of the position of the bodies relative to the road and to look for similarities of the corpses in different locations. Many people have already done it for me. The hands of the “corpses” move, and in the rear-view mirror the “murdered” resurrect. The tactics of video staging has ceased to amaze me even in Syria where the motives of “White Helmets” staging were used for massive missile strikes. And here the teachers of information-psychological operations are the same – with bright British ears sticking out.

My point is different. I have been to cities like Bucha in the Kiev region. I was also near Bucha. I saw how the attitude of the locals to the Russian military changed. At first they were afraid of them – the result of in-depth brainwashing on TV. Then the attitude was wary, when curiosity won out and people came out of their basements. Then there was businesslike: the locals set up a natural exchange with the military. We, for example, exchanged petrol for a generator for milk and cottage cheese. Moreover, we did not demand milk, giving away fuel free of charge. But our neighbours considered it their duty to “pay back”. The military gave us dry rations and brought medicines… And if they made someone go down into the basement, it was only for their own safety.

But this, of course, is also not the main argument that the Ukrainian “Srebrenica” is a fake. The brouhaha was not fully controlled by Russian troops for a month and a half, not even for a day. And the situation there was not conducive to “persistent” communication with the locals. There was constant fighting, shelling, head-on confrontations.

The truth is that, as part of the regrouping, Russian troops left Bucha a few days before the “victims of the occupation” were discovered. The Ukrainian armed forces did not immediately realize this and for almost three days they shelled the city with artillery, which could have also hit civilians.

When they came to their senses, they launched a “witch hunt” in search of those who had collaborated with the “occupation troops”. In the heat of wartime no one bothers to look for evidence, and bodies with their hands tied appear, thrown into wells. Only the condition of these bodies suggests that they were murdered yesterday at the latest. I know what the bodies look like when they have been lying in the street for days. It’s a very different picture here.

My arguments, of course, are unlikely to be considered by EU President Charles Michel, who is launching the hashtag “Buchan massacre” and announcing new sanctions against Russia. It is not difficult to verify what I am saying though. It is enough to carry out an examination which will indicate the time of death of the unfortunates. And to correlate it with the data of NATO’s objective control, which will clearly indicate the date of the withdrawal of the Russian troops. But that is if we are looking for the truth. But who needs it in the West?

Alexander Kots, KP

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