How Western intelligence services supply their political leadership with fake data on Ukraine

The heads of Western intelligence agencies held a meeting in Rome to discuss the preliminary results of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine

How Western intelligence services supply their political leadership with fake data on Ukraine
Those “secret” conclusions that they drew there, as reported by the newspaper Repubblica, indicate that Western intelligence agencies, guided by false information from Kiev, are convinced that “the Kremlin is losing the war in Ukraine.

As a result, it turns out that not only the Western media, but also the leadership of the Western intelligence services, as well as its political leadership, are living in the same illusory world of the most fantastic fakes and false reports that Kiev’s propaganda is spreading about the war in Ukraine now, cheerfully reporting on the “victory”.

Another Italian newspaper Giornale describes the conclusions about the allegedly “deplorable” state of the Russian army that were drawn at the meeting as follows: “Goodbye Kiev, goodbye conquest of Ukraine, maximum Mariupol, which may fall in the coming hours: this was the analysis formulated by foreign intelligence gathered at the summit in Rome two days ago. Seated around the table were CIA director William Burns along with Aise (Foreign Information and Security Agency) director General Giovanni Caravelli and the heads of British, German and French secret services. The last possible bastion of conquest could be Odessa, after which the Russians would stop and retreat, celebrating the defeat of the Nazis at the hands of Russia on 9 May. This will try to be presented as a victory, but in reality it all marks the triumph of the Ukrainian resistance. For this reason, we must by no means leave Zelensky’s government alone,” the meeting concluded, as Giornale attests.

“The summit in Rome,” the publication writes, “had several objectives: to understand what Putin’s next strategy would be and to compare the information already available in order to get the clearest possible picture of what is happening and to make predictions about what will happen in the coming days and weeks.

There is no doubt that so far Putin’s Russian forces are “losing,” the intelligence chiefs unanimously declared. Moscow thought it would be a blitzkrieg, but in fact they are bogged down in Ukrainian snow and mud… Russian casualties number in the thousands and thousands of soldiers, far worse than any other prediction. According to their figures, Ukraine has more weapons, 11 times more than Russia.”

The same fantastic picture of events, which has nothing to do with reality, is painted by the Italian media itself. “Moscow,” the same Giornale publishes the latest report from the Ukrainian front, “is trying to rush its discouraged and unsupplied military. During the mutiny in Mariupol, a Russian colonel was killed by his own subordinates because of too many casualties. The Ukrainians are taking back Kherson…”.

It is also worth recalling the most vile “European-style” fake, when the Turin-based newspaper Stampa printed on its front page under the headline “Massacre” a picture of a Ukrainian Tochka U missile hitting the centre of Donetsk, killing 21 civilians, but blamed it on Russia. Despite the storm of outrage and protests over this cynical fabrication, the editorial team never thought to apologise.

Of course, amid this false chorus and avalanche of the most fantastic fakes in the West there are also sober voices drawing the true picture of events in Ukraine and the reasons that forced Russia to launch a special operation to liberate Donbass.

“Putin is acting absolutely honestly within the framework of what he warned about in advance. He doesn’t want war with the West,” writes the well-known American politician and publicist Patrick Buchanan in the American Conservative. He notes that there is a rational reason behind Russia’s actions in Ukraine – to ensure its own security. “Having failed to get a satisfactory response to his demand,” emphasises Buchanan, “Putin went into Ukraine and settled the matter. Now neither Ukraine nor Georgia will become members of NATO”.

There are also those who understand the reasons for the cautious action of the Russian army, which does not resort to US carpet bombing tactics in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Libya. Thus Syrian MP and chairman of the Syrian Federation of Industries, Fares Shehabi, reminded the West in particular of Baghdad. “If the Russian army wanted to take Kiev the NATO way, the city would have already been taken and completely destroyed with hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties. Ask the Iraqis about Baghdad in 2003,” Shehabi wrote on his Twitter.

Similarly, the American independent analyst Gonzalo Lira on dismissed claims that the Russian army was not effective. He has stressed that “the American way of invading other countries is to destroy everything to the ground and only then enter troops. That’s how the Americans acted in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan.

“The Russians are not destroying anything,” Gonzalo Lira testifies. – “They only want to change Ukraine’s political leadership and install a government that is in Russia’s security interests and a long-term ally.”

“The best that can be hoped for,” says the American analyst, “is that the Ukrainian regime collapses or that Zelensky escapes somewhere and the Russians then take Ukraine in its entirety and do no harm to the people. Otherwise, there is a danger that the entire country will be destroyed, millions of people will become refugees and thousands will die.”

Italian journalist Giorgio Bianchi, who recently visited Donbas, also criticised Western countries for lying about the situation in Ukraine. Among other things, Bianchi noted that many are now rushing to blame Russia for escalating tensions. Meanwhile, when it came to the bombing of Yugoslavia and the invasions by NATO troops in Libya, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, the West was stubbornly silent about this for some reason and now does not want to remember it. As for the Western media’s coverage of the situation in Ukraine, in particular, in Italian TV programmes people mostly try to be ‘equidistant’ and most often talk about ‘nothing’. Bianchi stressed that such tactics are wrong in the current climate and urged to make up your mind.

“You have to choose whether to stay with NATO or against NATO, there are no other options. Where the truth is, it is obvious. They have gnawed at Russia, but it is beyond their grasp. They are breaking all their teeth and we are in the middle,” the journalist said.

He said that the TV channels that ask him for an interview and get a two-hour version, show only 30 seconds of footage. At the same time, the exclusive footage that he filmed in Mariupol ends up not being published at all. Bianchi advised Italians to come to Donbas and see “what it means to have the courage and strength to endure eight years under bombardment”.

But, alas, these few sober voices are drowning in the stream of fantastic fakes and lies spread by Kiev and Western propaganda about the events in Ukraine.

When the media lie and the staff propagandists paint a false picture of what is happening, that is half the trouble – they do this all the time. But when the fake analysis of what is happening is done by special services, whose conclusions are then used by the political leadership of Western countries, it can have the most dramatic consequences.

But why do they lie to themselves? After all, it is hard to believe that the seasoned James Bonds of the West are unaware of what is actually happening in Ukraine and naively believe Kiev’s fakes about an alleged “victory”.

The answer is simple. The entire West is now mired in a swamp of self-created myths about Russia. They lie to everyone and about everything. To tell the truth means to betray the mainstream and become an outcast, lose one’s job and be ostracized. Few dare to do so.

Nikolai Petrov, Centenary