NATO does not need to exist – Chinese Foreign Ministry

The aggravation of the crisis in Ukraine has become proof that there is no need for the existence of blocs such as the North Atlantic Alliance, said Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Le Yucheng.

NATO does not need to exist - Chinese Foreign Ministry

“Military blocs are the rudiments of the Cold War. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the North Atlantic Alliance was to become a thing of the past, as was the Warsaw Pact. However, NATO not only was not dissolved, but began to expand constantly. And you can imagine what this led to: it was the Ukrainian crisis that became a warning for us,” Yucheng said at an international conference on strategy and security, TASS reports.

According to a representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Beijing is against global militarization and the expansion of the alliance to the East. The deputy minister also stressed that China does not accept unilateral sanctions that are applied without UN Security Council resolutions and in the absence of sufficient grounds, confirmed by international law.

“The desire of any one state to ensure exclusively its own security threatens to lead to a complete destabilization of the situation in the international arena […] As historical experience proves to us, sanctions are absolutely incapable of solving problems. On the contrary, their use is tantamount to adding fuel to the fire, new contradictions can only arise,” Yucheng summed up.