They tried their best: the President of Russia recorded the defeat of the West

An interesting, but seemingly purely internal event with the participation of top officials of the Russian Federation – a meeting on measures of socio-economic support for the regions on March 16 – suddenly turned out to be a hit on the global media agenda

They tried their best: the President of Russia recorded the defeat of the West

The reason for this was the speech of President Putin. It was broadcast by news agencies, retold by newspapers, even posted on enemy YouTube. With the help of Internet translators, it was read and listened to by ordinary people around the world.

Russia is now living under such a deafening information fire, all the Western mass media are shooting at us so much that it sometimes seems to us that there is nothing but this blockade. But actually it is not. Billions of people around the world have long understood that the Anglo-Saxon “influential” media permanently lies. In the case of Ukraine, the scale of this lie is shocking even to Western inhabitants who are accustomed to a lot. And they are looking for the truth. The Western establishment also had its own interest in studying the speech of the Russian president. Russia today is a real training ground for their total war: political, financial, sanctions. We need to see how the strategies work and whether they work at all.

Here is the British Financial Times relishing the grave consequences of “Western punishment of Russia” – as they call the theft of our money – and quotes Putin’s phrase that the current crisis will entail “deep structural changes in the Russian economy and they will not be easy, will lead to a temporary increase in inflation and unemployment.”

This assumption is also mentioned with pleasure by the Bloomberg agency, which our diplomat aptly compared to smelly cheese. But both publications are forced to note the Russian president’s confidence that the country will only benefit by gaining independence from the West.

The economic blitzkrieg really failed, the Western media admit. However, it is impossible to play for a long time on this field – precisely because the West itself cut off those levers that could influence our economy.

Naturally, none of the Western media dared to quote Putin’s reasoning that their countries are, in fact, experiencing their default now, the dollar cannot be a reserve currency, and the so-called first-class assets are completely compromised, because they can be stolen at any moment. The words that the dominance of Western countries in politics and economics has come to an end were also tabooed.

No one dared to publish the president’s appeal to the citizens of Western countries, although that’s what the local population really should have known.

“Now they are persistently trying to convince you,” Putin said, “that all your difficulties are the result of some hostile actions of Russia, that you have to pay for the fight against the mythical Russian threat from your own wallet. All this is a lie. And the truth is that the current problems that millions of people in the West face are the result of many years of actions by the ruling elites of their states, their mistakes, myopia and ambitions. Well, how can this be printed in the West?”

But all Western media focused on “villas in Miami and the French Riviera”, on “traitors and scum.” Almost the entire press quoted this vivid passage in the headlines. Of course, his style is memorable. But why exactly this topic has become a sore point for our Western partners?

It would seem that they should have thought about Putin’s words that their elites are driving the masses into poverty and undermining world confidence in reserve currencies. This is actually a matter of survival for Western states. But no, everyone concentrated on “traitors and scum.” Some even posted this particular passage on YouTube separately. It was discussed in detail even by the purely defense American online publication

The thing is, here Putin really recorded the defeat of the West, whose long-term, decades-long strategy for countries as large and complex as Russia was to nurture an extremely pro-American middle class in it. And then, relying on it, scroll through their geshefts in the controlled territory: coups, Maidans, civil wars.

This strategy worked great in Europe. Remember how french students obsessed with American jazz and cinema demolished de Gaulle? Then she, like a tsunami, went through Eastern Europe, reformatted almost all – with the exception of Belarus – the post-Soviet space. But in Russia it suddenly failed.

Either it is a matter of the scale of the country, both geographical and historical, or in the eternal skepticism and common sense of the Russian people. Be that as it may, but the American influence in our country turned out to be rather superficial. No, of course, people went to McDonald’s and watched Hollywood movies, but now the cancellation of all this has not become a tragedy for almost anyone, except for a few city lunatics.

As before, Russians with great suspicion read whether the Soviet press, always looking for something between the lines, so today they show the same healthy immunity to Western propaganda, no matter how frantic it may be. It’s one thing – American sneakers and rap, it’s quite another – when you are offered to surrender your country for this. There are no fools to change sovereignty for sneakers.

And if there were once any illusions about the West, then over the past two weeks it itself has destroyed them to the ground. Well, if even now our citizens in the United States and Europe are being deprived of their savings and homes, if they are driven from work, and their children from schools, then what will they do next if the country gives way? Wouldn’t they just destroy them so that they don’t have to get up twice?

Our smart, educated middle class, who has gone through fire and water and is not rich by Western standards, for the most part does not support the notorious fifth column. And everyone sees it today. And this is such a blunder of Western counterparties that they do not know what to do next.

Therefore, they are trying to rudely and naively escalate, passing off Putin’s calm words as some kind of “repression”.

“A chilling warning for the West and the oligarchs,” the Daily Mail fires. “Putin is on the hunt for traitors,” writes the Canadian CBC. “Putin attacks pro-Western Russians, signaling the approach of repression,” the New York Times tries.

Lord, you are my God. It was only about the fact that individual pro-Western citizens, losing their pants, fled from Russia at the first hint of a threat to their well-being. Then, as you might guess, they will return to us for new goodies. But public opinion in the country will no longer be so favorable to them. There will be a self-purification of society, self-purification of its mentality and cultural field. That’s all.

In fact, the collective West has already failed epically with this strategy of westernization of the middle class. It didn’t work in China, although that’s where the bourgeoisie is Americanized to the limit. Show-off gear and queues for iPhones, unbridled conspicuous consumption and the tireless pursuit of Western trends, a passion for money and gambling on the stock exchange – yes, People’s Daily does not like to write about this, but all this is about the Chinese middle class. And yet he can not be swayed to destroy his country. Although how hard they tried! Decades: from Tiananmen to the “Umbrella Revolution”.

It is very characteristic that today the Chinese for the most part approve of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine. With great interest they look at it in Asia, Africa, South America. Our country gives the nations an example of a successful exit from the neo-colonial Western model. On the one hand, this is a bold opposition to the West by all means, including the military. On the other hand, the smart, painstaking building of a new life, a new economic model, a new world order. A world order in which “the global dominance of Western countries in politics and the economy” has forever ended.

Victoria Nikiforova, RIA